Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation Commits $500,000 to Scholarship Fund

By The Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation the Msff, PRNE
Tuesday, September 20, 2011

NEW YORK and LONDON, September 21, 2011 -

- Farsi cites international divisions, uncertainty about Arab Spring, need for productive interactions in launching fund for Middle-Eastern Students to study at American University in Washington DC

The Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation (The MSFF) announced today that it will establish a $500,000 scholarship fund for college students from Tunisia and Egypt to spend their junior year studying at the American University in Washington DC beginning in the fall of 2012. The announcement was made by The MSFF at the 2011 Clinton Global Initiative in New York on September 21st. The Clinton Global Initiative estimates 10,000 people will be indirectly affected by this commitment over 5 years.  

“In recent years the perceived divisions between the West and the Middle East have grown deeper with many in the West unsure what the “Arab Spring” will mean for world,” said Hani Farsi, Chairman and Founder of The MSFF.  ”As a result there is a misperception that the belief systems of these two regions are both opposed and irreconcilable. It is my hope that these Middle Eastern scholarships in the United States will lead to positive interactions between the Arab world and the West, supporting the symbiosis I believe to be possible.”  

The Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation Middle Eastern Scholarships were established to honor Khaled Said of Egypt, Mohamed Bouazizi of Tunisia and the Arab Spring movement that followed their actions. The Egyptian and Tunisian scholarship recipients will learn about democratic institutions and principles while studying at The American University and will return home to contribute in their own countries enriched by their experience in Washington. The MSFF designed these scholarships to encourage global cooperation and closer international relations.

American University Professor of International Relations Abdul Aziz Said who serves as Chair of the Mohamed S. Farsi Chair of Islamic Peace noted “In today’s period of intense, and often bewildering change, the world needs a model of education that is capable of conceiving the idea of global citizenship. In educating for global citizenship in the West and the Middle East, we must remember and honor our traditions. Each tradition has an inherent basis of knowledge that can be drawn upon to develop society. The fact is that whole world needs the whole world.”

About The Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation (The MSFF):

The MSFF was founded in 2009 by Hani M.S. Farsi to honor the lifetime of charitable work carried on by his father and to continue and expand upon his philanthropic legacy. The MSFF is an international foundation that recognizes no barriers of race, religion or culture. The foundation is active in three core areas: the improvement of healthcare; the advancement of education and the protection of our global heritage. A not-for-profit organization, the Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation is funded by a portion of the profits of Hani Farsi’s investments which operate on similar benevolent entrepreneurial principles. Guided by the example of Mohamed Farsi and by a commitment to make a difference in three core areas of human endeavor, the Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation seeks projects which will show a return on investment in the form of a measurable and proven impact with long term sustainability. The foundation has a strict policy of inclusiveness and does not fund organizations that discriminate in any manner.

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