Molecular Devices Enables Intuitive Functionality at Your Fingertips on the Apple iPad with the Latest SoftMax Pro Software

By Molecular Devices Inc., PRNE
Monday, July 11, 2011

SUNNYVALE, California, July 12, 2011 -

Molecular Devices Inc., a leader in bioanalytical systems for
drug discovery & development, life science research, and
bioassay/test development, today announced that it has expanded the
functionality of the SoftMax® Pro Software and prominence of the
SpectraMax® microplate readers, enabling monitor and control
ability via an Apple iPad wireless device.

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When the iPad is used together with SoftMax Pro Software, it is
possible to simultaneously monitor and control the operating and
usage conditions of SpectraMax microplate reader. Displayed via an
intuitive interface, many tasks that previously required a trip to
the lab can now be performed wirelessly with the iPad. The mobility
and document browsing features of the iPad can provide additional
gains in laboratory efficiency through quick and easy access to
important information.

“This latest enhancement to our SoftMax Pro Software opens a new
dimension for data analysis on the SpectraMax readers,” says Mikey
, Director of Marketing, BioResearch Products. “This
seamless interface enables microplate reader control and remote
monitoring possibilities, placing protocols and data into the hands
of researchers - wherever they are.”

The following improvements in task efficiency can be achieved
using the new functionality:

    --   Increased efficiency through protocol monitoring of
         your microplate reader
        Free up your time by monitoring protocols and operating
        status. The status of your SpectraMax reader in the
        laboratory can be checked quickly from remote
        locations. If an error occurs, equipment instruction
        manuals can be referenced immediately, enabling rapid
        troubleshooting and response. The result is more
        reliable execution of analysis tasks and overall
        improvement in task efficiency.

    --   Improved sharing of your data acquisitions and analysis
        SoftMax Pro affords the capability to share your data
        and analysis with anyone, from anywhere in the world,
        by opening-up a new world of remote connectivity by
        using the Apple iPad.

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About Molecular Devices: At Molecular Devices we have one
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bioanalytical products to detect biology, decode data, and drive

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Diagnostic Procedures.

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