New IonWorks Barracuda Automated Patch Clamp System Meets Need for Affordable, Accelerated Screening of Ligand- & Voltage-Gated Ion Channels Via Direct Electrophysiology Assays

By Molecular Devices Inc., PRNE
Monday, September 27, 2010

Ideal technology for cardiovascular, metabolic, central nervous system, immune function, and other drug discovery programs

SUNNYVALE, California, September 28, 2010 - Molecular Devices, Inc., a leader in bioanalytical systems for drug
discovery & development, life science research, and bioassay/test
development, today announced that it is taking orders for its new IonWorks
Barracuda(TM) Automated Patch Clamp System.


Following the tradition of IonWorks(R) Systems before it, this new system
delivers the highest throughput for automated electrophysiology analysis
available at the lowest cost per data point. It also incorporates the
patent-pending Population Patch Clamp(TM) (PPC) Recording Technology that
revolutionized ion channel screening and has become the standard for directed
library and hit-to-lead applications.

The IonWorks Barracuda System can screen both voltage-gated and
rapidly-desensitizing ligand-gated ion channels due to the unique design of
the Patch Plate Consumable and an electrode plate that enables researchers to
add compound while recording. In addition, the system can generate more than
1,100 data points per hour as a result of being able to add compounds and
record from 384-wells simultaneously.

Measuring from 384 wells in parallel means that researchers can now
complete a screening experiment in as little as 20 minutes, making the new
IonWorks Barracuda System the technology of choice for drug discovery
programs focused on ion channel targets. No other system on the market today
can provide the same combination of throughput and low cost per data point
for screening large, directed compound libraries against ion channel targets
via direct electrophysiology assays. Because of the low running costs of
IonWorks platforms the system can pay for itself in as few as three directed
library screens compared to other automated electrophysiology platforms. The
system is also well suited for follow-on studies, such as hit-to-lead,
compound profiling, and safety assessments.

"This System is the ideal screening solution for cardiovascular,
metabolic, central nervous system, and immune function drug discovery
programs," said Mark Verheyden, President of Molecular Devices. "Ion channels
have long been implicated in these disorders, yet they remain a largely
unexplored target class due to a historical lack of practical technologies
that provided the required throughput. Now, with the IonWorks Barracuda
Platform, drug discovery researchers can screen large, directed libraries
against both types of ion channels via direct electrophysiology assays
affordably, giving them the technology they need to discover new chemical
entities that could one day be used to improve the lives of people afflicted
with these debilitating disorders."

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