Monlau Competición, School of Marc Marquez, has Launched a Motorsport Engineering Course in the Areas of Motorcycle and Car Racing

By Monlau Competicion, PRNE
Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BARCELONA, November 17, 2011 -

  • RACE CAR ENGINEERING COURSE Full time 72 hours

This Intensive course will run from January 16 to February 2, 2012

Monlau Competición, the school of reference in Spain, is the Spanish pioneer as far as racing mechanic and engineer training is concerned.

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Monlau Competición is lead by former 125cc world champion Emilio Alzamora, who was born in 1973 and has over 25 years of experience in the field of teaching and learning.

It currently has more than 250 students in its classrooms divided between courses in racing mechanics and racing car and motorcycle engineering

After 12 years of competitive motorsport experience, in 2010 Monlau Competición launched the first Masters in Racing Engineering.

On the sports side, Monlau Competición has its own MotoGP  World Championship team  in the Moto2 class, with professional rider Marc Marquez. (World Champion in the 125cc class in 2010 and runner-up in Moto2 2011).

Emilio Alzamora, (125cc world champion in 1999) is the director of the school and is also the team manager, while Marc Marquez has been the team sports consultant since 2003.

The Moto2 World Championship technical team is active in the school and its engineers are directly involved in the course. Without doubt, this is a great opportunity for students to benefit from working closely with motorsport professionals

Monlau Competición is the leading training school for competition technicians and engineers , and offers a high level of experience and expertise in  the auto sport and motorcycle racing industry

Students of Monlau Competición are recognized as being well prepared and trained in all the skills necessary to allow them to develop successful careers within motorsport engineering.

Monlau Competición’s key point of differentiation is that: our teachers are not only exceptionally well qualified but also currently active in the highest level of international competition.




The main objective of our school is to provide an opportunity for young engineering students, engineers and experienced professionals  to  train as specialists  with real racing cars and motorcycles in all aspects of the industry.  

Students are prepared according to the methods, criteria and needs of  professional racing teams and specialized companies acting in the field of international  motorsports

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