Motorists Will Pay the Price of a Drink Driving Conviction This Christmas

Sunday, December 4, 2011

CHESTER, England, December 5, 2011 -

  • Drink driving conviction could increase car insurance by 85 per cent

Motorists convicted of drink driving could see the cost of their car insurance premiums rise by 85 per cent on average, according to

Research carried out by Britain’s number one comparison site found that having a drink driving conviction (DR10 penalty) on a driving license can dramatically increase the cost of car insurance premiums. Motorists could see the cost of their cover go up from an average of £424 per year to £784 - a whopping 85 per cent (or £360) increase. Furthermore, some drivers may find it difficult to obtain insurance in the future.  According to the Department for Transport, six per cent of all road casualties and 16 per cent of road fatalities occurred in accidents in which a driver was over the legal alcohol limit.2

Peter Harrison, insurance spokesperson at MoneySupermarket  said: “This is the time of year for parties and festivities, many people will be choosing to celebrate with a tipple or two over the Christmas and New Year season. Ensuring you have adequate travel arrangements in place to get you home is essential as driving while under the influence should not be an option in any circumstances. Not only does it put the safety of the driver and passengers at risk, but endangers other road users and pedestrians.

“Motorists convicted of being over the legal alcohol limit will face serious consequences, with fines of up to a £1,000, a 12-month driving ban, and even a possible prison sentence. Drivers will also see their insurance premiums rocket, and some are also likely to encounter difficulties with finding a provider who is prepared to insure them with a drink driving conviction.

“Even drinking within the legal limit is unadvisable, as any alcohol consumed can impact reaction times, and can also impair coordination and judgement potentially making you a danger on the roads. It is also important to remember that each person reacts to alcohol differently - gender, age, weight, and metabolism are also factors which come into play. Anyone planning on driving over the festive period should stick to the soft drinks to ensure maximum safety on the roads.”

Notes to Editors:

1 Motor insurance premiums, with and without a drink driving conviction:

                                             5 Yr NCD -
                                            DR10 Driving
                                            or attempting
                                            to drive with
                              5 Yr NCD - 0  alcohol level Difference in
            Provider           Convictions   above limit     Premium
    Hastings Direct             GBP335.37     GBP807.72     GBP472.35
    Endsleigh                   GBP387.57     GBP909.43     GBP521.86
    The AA                      GBP391.16     GBP731.40     GBP340.24
    City Insurance Group        GBP407.11     GBP690.76     GBP283.65
    Direct Choice               GBP414.48     GBP658.76     GBP244.28
    Thames City Insurance       GBP415.45     GBP928.62     GBP513.17
    Premium Choice              GBP422.51     GBP943.40     GBP520.89
    The Policy Shop             GBP426.19     GBP670.41     GBP244.22
    Sureterm Direct             GBP429.23     GBP897.36     GBP468.13             GBP430.00     GBP957.94     GBP527.94
    MCE Insurance               GBP435.59     GBP833.44     GBP397.85
    1st Central                 GBP436.92     GBP601.18     GBP164.26
    Performance Direct          GBP439.52     GBP607.55     GBP168.03
    Swinton                     GBP439.60     GBP881.67     GBP442.07
    quotelinedirect             GBP439.64     GBP723.44     GBP283.80
    Motor Insurance Warehouse   GBP441.97     GBP761.01     GBP319.04
    MyMotorQuote                GBP453.95     GBP731.72     GBP277.77
    Kwik-Fit Insurance          GBP454.97     GBP777.97     GBP323.00
    Halifax                     GBP461.49     GBP800.56     GBP339.07
    Average                     GBP424.35     GBP784.97     GBP360.61

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