MSB Regional Client Roadshow Helps Carriers Profit from Analytics

By Msb, PRNE
Monday, April 12, 2010

NEW BERLIN, Wisconsin, April 13, 2010 - MSB, the leading worldwide provider of building cost data and estimating
technology to the property insurance industry, recently completed a four-city
Regional Client Road Show. The theme of the event was, "Knowledge is Power,"
and the goal was to show MSB carrier partners how to use predictive modeling
and analytics, in combination with accurate replacement cost estimating and
property data, to achieve their financial goals.

"In today's economic climate, our clients in the property business are
experiencing very little growth. The best way to gain a competitive advantage
is to squeeze profit out of any existing area of business - and that takes
actionable data," explained Karen Linnell, AVP of Analytics Product Marketing
for MSB. "We felt it was important to bring our product experts to our
customers in a live forum to not only introduce to our new predictive
modeling and analytic tools, but show how to apply these to gain the fastest

The MSB Regional Client Road Show went from February 17, 2010 through
March 4, 2010, with stops in Jacksonville and Tampa, Florida; Columbus, Ohio,
and Orange County, California. Each one-day event, held at a local hotel,
followed a jam-packed agenda that included book of business data analysis,
tools for profitability and pricing information, predictive analytics and the
new fundamentals of construction. More than 59 people representing 27 top
carriers were in attendance.

"We focused on the tools that would help carriers find untapped profit
opportunities in the shortest amount of time - many times in as little as 90
days," Linnell said. "For example, MSB's Portal Analysis Tool enables
companies to identify premium leakage, uncover data quality concerns and
measure agency profitability. Basically, it enables carriers to see the
realities of their books of business so they can take corrective action."

Attendees also learned how MSB's Profitability and Pricing Segmentation
tools enable carriers to identify their best and worst performing segments,
and implement a remedial solution for the latter. One of the most popular
segments focused on predictive analytics, including a discussion of tools
that enable companies to use detailed property characteristics to improve
pricing segmentation and profitability; as well as the Homeowners Inspection
Optimization offering, which uses predictive modeling to increase the value
of property inspections.

"Predictive modeling not only gives carriers a view into the future, but
the ability to change the outcome. MSB's business solutions combine
predictive analytics with the largest and most accurate data warehouse of
third-party property characteristics in the industry," Linnell said. "The
real key is adding the expertise to do data mapping - to translate data into
real-world, actionable information. That's what enables our customers to find
the profits and gain the advantage."

The response from all Road Show attendees was extremely positive. "In
today's world, focusing on traditional new business acquisition is not
enough. Based on the discussions at the events and the feedback we received
after, our customers appreciated the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge
of MSB's new analytics solutions and data services - and do it in their own
backyards," Linnell said.

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