Nutra3 Complex(R) Develops New Oral Strips - Radiant & Ageless Beauty From Within!(TM)

By Hba Global, PRNE
Monday, April 12, 2010

NEW YORK, April 13, 2010 - Nutra3 Complex(R), an exhibitor at HBA Global Expo & Conference, is
launching a new full line of fast-melting oral strips, Strip Melts(TM), in
support of their existing line of products that addresses their mission -
Radiant & Ageless Beauty - Inside and Out!

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The brand Nutra3 Complex(R) was first developed by NutraFood Nutrients,
Inc. of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey four years ago with the introduction
of their proprietary 100% whole food nutraceutical Hair, Skin & Nails
product. Nutra3 Complex(R) has created product lines for both nutraceutical
and cosmeceutical products. All Nutra3 Complex(R) products utilize NutraFood
Nutrients(TM), a proprietary blend of whole food ingredients.

Nutra3 Complex(R) entire line of products will be on display, September
28-30, 2010
at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York during HBA
Global Expo (, the largest product development event
for the cosmetics, fragrances, personal care, skin care and well-being

The unique feature of Nutra3 Complex(R) Strip Melts(TM) is that the
fast-melting oral strips contain the highest load of active ingredients ever
to be assembled (250 mg or more per strip) in an oral strip product known to
be in existence in the world to date. The use of this proprietary technology
process and ingredients permits the development of formulations for products
that will produce positive results for consumers who wish to address -
Radiant & Ageless Beauty - from Within!(TM) The most unique ingredients
available in the world today that are supported by science can be included in
this very unique fast-melting oral strip delivery system.

Radiant and ageless beauty can be achieved by creating a healthy
lifestyle that reduces environmental stress. It is an excellent barometer of
external and, more important, internal health. Diet, sleep deprivation,
stressful lifestyle, air irritants and sun exposure can all result in dull,
dry skin and advanced signs of aging. With the new Nutra3 Complex(R) Strip
Melts(TM)- Skin & Body Anti-Aging Support, the fast-melting oral strips
product using the proprietary technology will help to support a healthy
lifestyle that can lead to - Radiant & Ageless Beauty - Inside and Out!

"This new product with the synergistic effects of trans-Resveratrol,
Quercetin and Green Tea natural ingredients and featuring the proprietary
blend of NutraFood Nutrients(TM) complex with intelligent nutrients
(Glutathione, Selenium and SOD) associated with a matrix of natural whole
food vitamins and minerals, super antioxidants, fiber, lipids and
bioflavonoids provide the nutritional support the body needs to protect
against cellular damage from free radicals and promote an anti-aging effect,"
said John G. Tobin, President and CEO of NutraFood Nutrients, Inc.

"We look forward to showcasing our Strip Melts(TM) at HBA Global in
September. The attendees at the event are high-caliber and always receptive
to new innovations and product offerings."

Strip Melts(TM) fast-melting oral strips make taking nutritional
supplements easier for the large number of people (4 out of 10) who have
difficulties swallowing tablets and capsules. They also provide convenience
with an easy to carry individual sealed pouches that permit usage anytime and
anywhere without the need of water.

Strip Melts(TM) are designed to be fast-melting and dissolving, to supply
a high level of actives with proprietary nutrients that have superior
bioavailability in a more efficient and effective oral strip delivery system.
These strips are great tasting and come in a wide variety of flavors
including citrus, chocolate mint, peppermint, wintergreen, mixed fruit and
berry flavors. Simply place each Strip Melts(TM) oral strip inside the mouth,
on the tongue, then swish and rotate it around the mouth as it melts within
seconds, providing a convenient, efficient and effective oral delivery

The balance of the Strip Melts(TM) product line includes: Weight Loss
Support; Bone Support; Stress Relief Support; Vitamin D3 and Energy Support.
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About Nutra3 Complex

Nutra3 Complex(R) Strip Melts(TM) and their other products (moisturizing
and rejuvenating creams, tablet and capsule nutritional supplements) within
the brand only use proprietary NutraFood Nutrients(TM) and other
scientifically proven ingredients that are truly beneficial for a person's
health and well-being. Nutra3 Complex(R) developed by NutraFood Nutrients,
Inc. encourages all consumers, retailers and distributors to take the time to
really understand the science behind their products and why they work so
efficiently and effectively. Private label and exclusive formulations are
also available from the company. For more information call 1-800-303-0073 or

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