Murmann Publishing House Launches European Book Project - Polemic Appears in Seven Languages

By Murmann Verlag, PRNE
Sunday, July 3, 2011

HAMBURG, Germany, July 4, 2011 -


Sorry! I am German. A Polemic by Detlef
Gürtler is being published today by Murmann Verlag and is
simultaneously available as an eBook in seven languages: German,
English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Turkish. In the
tradition of the political flyers of the Enlightenment, which have
again gained currency in the age of the internet, apps and email,
the publishing house is introducing this literary genre for the
first time in a wholly European, electronic form.

In addition, the publisher is collaborating with,
which will offer the German-language eBook as a free download
coinciding with the release. “The marriage of book and eBook is
creating new opportunities - it allows publishers to distribute
their authors’ books quickly and efficiently around the whole
world,” said publisher Dr. Sven Murmann.

Bibliographical information:

Detlef Gürtler
„Entschuldigung! Ich bin deutsch. Eine Streitschrift”
48 pages, paperback
€ (D) 5.00 / sFr. 8.50 / € (A) 5.20
ISBN 978-3-86774-154-5

eBook for € 3.99:
978-3-86774-163-7 / German
978-3-86774-169-9 / Turkish
978-3-86774-164-4 / English (Sorry! I am German. A
978-3-86774-168-2 / Dutch
978-3-86774-167-5 / Spanish
978-3-86774-166-8 / Italian
978-3-86774-165-1 / French

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