muvee Device Solutions Group Releases HD Video Editing Toolkit for Android at Pepcom's MobileFocus

By Muvee Technologies, PRNE
Saturday, February 12, 2011

BARCELONA, Spain, February 13, 2011 - muvee Device Solutions Group ( [DSG], the
pioneer and leader in video editing applications for mobile devices, today
announced the release of a suite of HD video editing (
tools for Android operating systems.

The toolkit, comprised of nine functions to edit HD video captured with a
mobile device, was created to enable video editing on today's devices with
little memory and CPU utilization.

"Armed with the ability to instantly capture life's special moments in HD
quality, consumers will also demand the ability to make small edits to their
videos before showcasing and sharing these videos. Being able to trim the
ends or perhaps add a voice message before uploading to YouTube
( or your blog are all very basic and
achievable features for today's video savvy consumers," says Terence Swee,
Founder and CEO, muvee.

The Trim and Join features enable users to cut out selected parts of the
video and join any number of videos, of the same type and resolution,
together. Users can also place a music track as background or record a
voice-over message. These functions use muvee's compressed domain editing
modules so that all the above operations can be achieved without the need to
decode and re-encode the videos, achieving super fast turnaround times of a
few seconds, typically. Also included are slow motion/fast motion, image and
text overlay, and fade-in/out features.

Each of the nine features can be used to build unique applications or be
licensed separately. It can also be shipped as a complete video editing

The HD video editing toolkit is now available for handset manufacturers
and operators. For information: muvee will be
demonstrating this toolkit and more at MobileFocus, February 14th, 7:00 PM at
Rey Juan Carlos Hotel, Barcelona.

Lindsay Stevens, Public Relations Manager (North America), Cell: +1-213-200-9638

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