NE-TIGER’s "Tang-Jing" Haute Couture Show Opens China International Fashion Week

By Ne-tiger, PRNE
Monday, October 24, 2011

BEIJING, October 25, 2011 -

Leading the Fashion World Into A New Realm


The Tang Dynasty is considered to be the most prosperous time in Chinese history, when the country’s civilization achieved its greatest heights. The Middle Kingdom reached a peak between Taizong’s “Reign of Zhenguan” to the Kaiyuan-Tianbao period, an era unmatched by any other during that millennium. NE-TIGER has always been a leader in showcasing the best of China’s civilization, reviving the style of the sumptuous clothing worn during the Tang period, bringing back weaving and textile technologies that have nearly been lost and creating a new era of haute couture.


Presenting China’s Hua Fu - a collection assembled as a reflection of the splendor of Tang Dynasty attire and the richness of China’s culture.

NE-TIGER: At the Leading Edge of the Fashion World

NE-TIGER lead off China International Fashion Week with its “Tang-Jing” Fashion Show featuring the Hua Fu Haute Couture Collection in the Golden Hall of Beijing Hotel on October 25. The Tang Dynasty Hua Fu, the national style of dress of that period, combined with the venue, a venue so grand you could think you were in paradise, and the captivating voice of the singer who can warm a heart and touch a soul, combined to move the 500 guests beyond the realms of the five senses. NE-TIGER has again led the Chinese fashion community into new realms and insights.

At the beginning of the show, as the gifted Buddhist-musician Jing Shanyuan sang, the collection was displayed on stage, embodying the essence of Sarasvati and Heart Sutra, touching the heart and soul of each member in the audience. 38 models translated the art of NE-TIGER into a spiritual event touching on each of the five senses.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Zhang Zhifeng stated, “As per the words of Zen, everybody has a pure land in their heart. Today, we will change that pure land into reality. Meanwhile, we also try to influence people around us by purifying our own heart and purifying the environment to create a pure land. NE-TIGER has always pursued a spiritual insight, where we seek to represent the greatness of history, as well as carry forward the essence and splendor of the culture. This is what we want to share tonight.”


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