New Ground Breaking Method for Shaft Sinking to Significantly Lower Capital Outlay

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Sunday, May 1, 2011

JOHANNESBURG, May 2, 2011 - Mining may see a shift away from traditional drilling and blasting
methodologies as African mining companies are rushing to fire up paused

A South African mine has developed an innovative method for shaft sinking
by combining technologies for soft ground digging, drilling, blasting and
raise-boring. This technique may see a shift away from traditional drilling
and blasting methodologies due to its ability to enhance safety and optimise
the productivity of the shaft sinking process. Mining infrastructure
construction and services company Murray & Roberts worked on this
ground-breaking project. They are also looking at utilising drilling
techniques in blind sunk shafts from the civil engineering industry for shaft
sinking projects in Africa. This technique has proven to significantly lower
capital outlay in the coal gold and platinum industries.

In recent research on mining opportunities in Africa, conducted by IQPC,
the current economic climb is seeing a surge of underground shafts enquiries
from contractors all over Africa, from South Africa to Zambia. Mining
companies are also feeling a sense of urgency to get their projects that were
stalled during the economic down turn off the ground.

A common thread shared by the respondents was the perceived lack of
specific trade information required in order to run more effective drilling
and blasting operations. The other themes that came up were the challenges of
reducing downstream costs and energy requirements, best practice for safety
and learning about the latest developments in innovative technology. To
respond to the want for the latest drill and blast knowledge and to aid
mining companies in re-starting and re-focusing their operations, tangible
and cost-effective solutions will be introduced next month at Drill and Blast
Africa Summit that will be showing the way by presenting learnings from
African mega mines.

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For information about Drill and Blast Africa Summit, 7-8 June 2011 at
Radisson Blu, Johannesburg, South Africa, visit; Alternatively contact: Katia Andrejev,
Marketing Manager, IQPC at or call; +9714-446-2748


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