SuperBodies Mobile App Reveals the Inner Marvels and Awe-Inspiring Physicality of Today's Elite Athletes

By Peace Point Entertainment Group, PRNE
Sunday, May 1, 2011

Part Video, Part Exploration, SuperBodies Takes Audiences on an Exhilarating Journey Inside the Body of Peak Performers at the Limits of Human Endurance

TORONTO, May 2, 2011 - Peace Point Entertainment Group announced today the launch of the
SuperBodies mobile app, which matches science and art through cutting-edge
computer-generated imagery to explore athleticism of the human body. With the
SuperBodies mobile experience, audiences navigate through the body to observe
first-hand the effects, reactions and stressors endured by world-class

With cutting-edge 3D animation and original video, the SuperBodies mobile
app allows users in a game play format to peel away the human skin, revealing
what truly happens on the inside when star athletes perform. Choose from
gymnastics, badminton, boxing, volleyball, 100m dash and swimming. Explore
how highly-tuned bodies cope with such physically shocking tribulations as a
knockout punch, a blow to the ribs or fierce muscle tear. See what happens to
the circulatory, skeletal, muscular, nervous and respiratory systems, each
rendered with vibrant computer graphic animations that appear to probe the
human bodies' intricate mazes.

Showcasing summer sports in advance of the 2012 Summer Games, each
athletic activity is teased apart in compelling short videos featuring the
charismatic Greg Wells, Ph.D., a scientist and physiologist who works with
elite athletes. Dr. Wells is familiar to audiences as the SuperBodies TV host
for Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium, regular contributor on CTV's
Canada AM, and medical analyst for ABC News Olympic coverage. SuperBodies
will be a staple feature during the Consortium's coverage of London 2012.

With Dr. Wells as a guide, the hand held device acts as a camera pod that
lets you fly through the body in any direction to see how an athlete's
skeleton, muscles and nerves perform as they compete in top level sports. The
user navigates through the body of the world's greatest athletes by dragging
a finger or tilting the device. Tap the screen once to view the athlete's
vital signs (heart rate, temperature and breaths per minute). Tap twice to
select a sport.

"SuperBodies makes complex physiology fascinating and easy to
understand," said Les Tomlin, CEO of Peace Point Entertainment Group, which
produces the SuperBodies properties, including the Gemini Award-winning
television documentary and segments for Canada's Olympic Broadcast Media
Consortium during its multiplatform coverage of Vancouver 2010. "From an
adrenaline rush to a world record victory, we expose fascinating extremes
from inside the human body, making biomedical mysteries accessible to

The anatomically precise SuperBodies mirrors cutting edge research in the
field of exercise medicine, which tests, trains and heals the human body.
"SuperBodies shows people why top athletes are amazing and what makes them
different from you and me," said Dr. Wells. "Kids who see how mind-blowing we
are on the inside, and who understand our human potential, may be more likely
to participate in sports and take care of their health."

Superbodies is produced with the participation of Canada's Olympic
Broadcast Media Consortium and the Bell Broadcast & New Media Fund.

To access the SuperBodies iPad, iPhone 4 and the latest iPod touch app
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