Organisations' Virtual Environments at Risk from Inadequate Security Management, New Independent Study Commissioned by CA Technologies Reveals

By Ca Technologies, PRNE
Sunday, December 5, 2010

MORGES, Switzerland, December 6, 2010 - CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) today announced the results of a new study
revealing that many organisations are putting their virtual infrastructures
at risk because of inadequate adoption of virtualisation security management
measures. 335 decision makers in 15 countries across Europe and the US
responded to the CA Technologies commissioned survey, "Security-An
Essential Prerequisite for Success in Virtualisation", conducted by

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    - 39% of organizations believe that virtual environments are more
      difficult to secure than physical environments

    - Hypervisor privileges and 'data sprawl' are not being sufficiently
      addressed by current adoption of virtualisation security technologies
      and policies

    - 81% of respondents consider data sprawl, defined as the risk of data
      moving around virtualised IT systems without control, as 'very
      important' or 'important'. Only 38 % of organisations have
      implemented Data Loss Prevention (DLP), which effectively mitigates
      this risk

    - 73% are concerned that the hypervisor administration accounts (with
      extensive access privileges and very few limitations or security
      controls) might lead to mistakes or abuse by privileged users, but
      only 49% of organisations have neither implemented a privileged
      user management (PUM) or security log management solution

    - Most organizations are unaware of the importance of integrating
      security management with infrastructure management

    - Too many security activities remain dependent upon manual processes,
      putting organisational security at risk

"These findings demonstrate that the automation technologies available to
mitigate the risks from privileged access in virtualised environments are not
yet widely deployed," says Shirief Nosseir, EMEA Product Marketing Director,
Security Management, CA Technologies. "If they were, IT organisations could
control the risks arising from virtualisation security and ultimately better
leverage the benefits of virtualisation."

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