Detecting and Neutralizing Cargo Bombs (IEDs)

By Homeland Security Strategies, PRNE
Sunday, November 28, 2010

WHITE PLAINS, New York, November 29, 2010 - Cellular Cargo Bomb Scanner CBS 7.72 Series from Homeland Security
Strategies (HSS) scans cargo at airports, marine yards, and trucking
facilities, to detect bombs such as those placed on a flight to Chicago by
Yemeni terrorists. It can detect cellular and other signals, and RF
frequencies as low as 10 mhz, and up to 8 ghz. It can also scan boats,
trucks, warehouses and stationary facilities, and, when used with an optional
reactor jammer, it can defeat a remote IED trigger before the activation
signal is even received.

Inspection of luggage and cargo takes time. X-ray machines take trained
people who stay awake. The Cargo Bomb Scanner is not limited to human error,
explosive trace vapors, or images of the package contents. With its optional
jammer, it can function instantaneously to block detonation signals directed
towards cellular controlled bombs hidden in luggage and packages stored as

When in scan mode, the intelligent CBS 7.72 will give you the cellular
handset number, the telephone numbers which it has called and the cell or
land line numbers which have called this particular handset. It can store up
to three million phone numbers. It can be programmed to prevent unauthorized
numbers from making or receiving calls, while permitting calls to and from
pre-authorized supervisory personnel and ground crews.

HSS engineers have analyzed the photo of the Yemen printer as shown in
newspapers and on television. From examining the circuit board, they are
virtually certain the attached cell phone was a quad band commercial cell
phone, one which works in both Europe and in the U.S. They believe the IED
maker removed most of the phone peripherals except the gsm module, as an
attempt to elude x-ray or physical analysis of its parts, all of which
suggests a high degree of sophistication.

The HSS Cellular Cargo Bomb Scanner CBS 7.72 series is a viable answer
not only to the threat of cargo bombs, but a whole new dimension of potential
threats that can lead to skyjacking or hijacking even without the presence of
a terrorist on board.

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