Over 85% of the World’s POP/IMAP Email Addresses can be Mobilized in Seconds With ServiceMine Email

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Monday, August 17, 2009

POOLE, England -

- WDSGlobal Launches ServiceMine Email to Increase Uptake of Mobile Email Among Consumers.

WDSGlobal has launched ServiceMine(TM) Email, a powerful email discovery service that allows consumers to quickly and conveniently mobilize an existing email account on their mobile phone. ServiceMine Email requires only an email address and username to return mobile connectivity settings for more than 85% of the world’s POP and IMAP email addresses. Mobile network operators, handset manufacturers, push-email vendors and email aggregators can deploy the service as a means of increasing uptake of mobile email among consumers.

Outside of enterprise deployments, mobile email has struggled to meet industry expectations. This is because most consumer deployments limit their set-up and support to own-brand services and a handful of major email service providers only. This strategy fails to address the email ‘long-tail’, the thousands of email service providers that today’s users have access to.

“With thousands of email services to choose from, consumers expect greater support in mobilizing a variety of email accounts,” explains David Ffoulkes-Jones, CEO of WDSGlobal. “However without the necessary settings support, configuring a handset for email can be complex. It requires knowledge of incoming and outgoing server names, encryption types and port numbers; it’s a major barrier to adoption and most consumers simply never complete set-up.

“Able to provide connectivity settings for most POP and IMAP addresses in seconds, ServiceMine Email has been launched to help the mobile industry leverage the email ‘long-tail’ and support the widest possible base of subscribers. It requires the minimum of end-user information with which to deliver settings that are validated for both the user’s handset and network.”

ServiceMine Email can be coupled with an on-device configuration wizard to guide the user through the set-up process, retrieving the necessary email settings and auto-populating the native client, proprietary client or webmail service. Alternatively, the service can be deployed within an existing support center or web-based self-care environment, enabling support agents and end-users to quickly resolve email set-up enquiries and take advantage of mobile email services.

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