Product Launch of TOUCHLAB(R) - The Designer Multi-Touch Terminal for Events, Exhibitions and Infopoints

By Newmedia Yuppies Gmbh, PRNE
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Future at Your Fingertips

FRANKFURT, November 24, 2010 - Imagine an interface active at the click of a finger. The multi-touch
terminal TOUCHLAB(R) supplies you with interactive configurations, 3D
products and demonstrations, whether you give a presentation and would like
to lead your audience into virtual worlds, or whether you are in a lobby
seeking relevant information. And if you feel like playing a computer game
with your friends, TOUCHLAB(R) will make sure that everyone can take part at
the same time.

TOUCHLAB(R) is the fastest and most reliable multi media terminal for
multi touch applications available on the market today. TOUCHLAB(R) is a
product developed by NMY, the German Creative Agency for New Communication,
in collaboration with the Fraunhofer IGD, the world's leading institute for
applied research in Visual Computing.

"TOUCHLAB(R)" creates new ways people can interact with information,
products and services", says NMY-founder Sebastian Demmerle. "Thanks to the
touch-control TOUCHLAB(R) also allows for an intuitive engagement with the
presented material no matter whether it is an information point in a hotel or
a company's product presentation.

Technical features

TOUCHLAB(R) has many captivating features: its precision and speed, scale
and, thanks to Plug&Play technology, its simple operability. The complex
multi-touch technology can detect up to 32 simultaneous touch points and is
housed within a minimalistic design. The 55" HD LED display automatically
adjusts to changing lighting conditions. TOUCHLAB(R) comes equipped with an
integrated high-performance computer that controls the multi-touch HD LED
display and a stereo sound system to guarantee the best sound and vision

Modern Design

TOUCHLAB(R) has a modern and minimalistic design. The casing is made from
the acrylic composite material Corian and is available in 19 different
colors. TOUCHLAB(R) can be used at trade fairs and in lobbies complementing
any environment. The flexibility of the screen's ergonomic tilt angle allows
to the highest level of user-friendliness: Ten degrees for single user
configuration and flat for multi-use. TOUCHLAB(R) travels in its own custom
made flight case: secure, easy and straightforward - direct to where it is

Presenting with the Future at Your Fingertips

Many companies have a problem presenting their products and services
adequately if theirs exhibits are too big (ships), static (land and real
estate), variable (cars), or complex (security). Using a 3D-product simulator
TOUCHLAB(R) can present products in an interactive way in various simulations
ranging from the product level to their usage in a realistic environments.

NMY creates costume made multi-touch applications for their clients that
run on all multi touch devices available on the market and act as strong
platforms for the marketing of modern companies.

Background information to NMY and TOUCHLAB(R)

TOUCHLAB(R) is the result of a unique encounter of fundamental scientific
research and entrepreneurial spirit: Young scientists from the Fraunhofer
IGD, the world's leading institute for applied research in Visual Computing,
have come together in the Frankfurt based Agency for New Communication, NMY,
to put great scientific research results into unparalleled products for

Price: Upon request.

TOUCHLAB(R) is available from NMY.

More information, press pictures and a film about TOUCHLAB(R) can be
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    Kreativagentur für Neue Kommunikation
    Vanessa Panico
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