Personalised Retargeting Provider myThings Wins Econsultancy Innovation Award in Affiliate Marketing With Affiliate Window

By Mythings, PRNE
Tuesday, January 18, 2011

myThings Starts 2011 Winning This Prestigious Award From Econsultancy With Leading Affiliate Network Partner Affiliate Window After Increasing Customer Base by 800% and Revenue by 1200% in 2010

LONDON, January 19, 2011 - myThings, an innovator in personalised retargeting, today announced
winning the Econsultancy Innovation Award in Affiliate Marketing with
affiliate network partner Affiliate Window. myThings was the only
personalised retargeting solution provider nominated or recognized by

myThings pioneered personalised retargeting as a solution supporting all
participants in the affiliate marketing ecosystem - affiliate networks,
affiliates (publishers), and merchants (advertisers) - and the company is now
the unequivocal leader of personalised retargeting over affiliate networks.

In its partnership with Affiliate Window, myThings enables the affiliate
networks' merchants (advertisers) to increase return conversions by
300%-700%. The company's performance for Affiliate Window merchants has
enabled myThings to achieve the status as the #1 affiliate - the best
performing affiliate solution - in a range of merchandise categories on the
Affiliate Window platform, including Women's and Men's wear, footwear,
lingerie, laptops, televisions and health categories among many others.

The 300%-700% increases in return conversions generated by myThings
support recent research by comScore, which found that retargeting was the
most effective online advertising tactic, outperforming contextual and
behavioural targeting.

myThings was recognised by Econsultancy for the performance of the
company's personalised retargeting solution, which enables optimising ads
according to the users' prior shopping experience. myThings provides leading
retailers in the UK and Europe, including Karen Millen, PriceMinister,
PIXMania, M&Co and Etam, with a solution for targeting visitors after they
leave the retailer's website, turning lost prospects into buyers. The
company's solution is based on its proprietary optimisation technology, which
facilitates serving personally tailored ads, generated in real-time based on
a range of performance-enhancing variables.

According to the Econsultancy judges, an international panel from
companies including BBC, Mercedes-Benz, Dell, Telefónica (O2), DuPont, BT,
NET-A-PORTER, Mindshare, bigmouthmedia, SMAC, and Newsforce, as well as
digital gurus such as Paul Boag, Sam Decker and Ian Jindal: "This is
impressive and aggressive technology, and it's tactically a smart thing to
do. It is both innovative and effective. We expect to see it more widely used
in 2011."

As a leading personalised retargeting solution provider for online
retailers, myThings serves over 25% of the top-100 retailers in its main
markets, and seven out of the 12 leading online retailers in France.

In 2011, myThings will be expanding in markets the company established in
late 2010, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Benelux and Japan.

"We're delighted that Econsultancy has recognised the innovation in our
strategic partnership with myThings, which has enabled unprecedented
performance lifts in return conversions," said David Hall, Partnerships
Director, Affiliate Window.

"We're thrilled that Econsultancy recognized myThings for our
contributions to Ecommerce and affiliate marketing," said David Kiashek,
Managing Director, UK for myThings. "By increasing return conversion rates by
300%-700% for online retailers and affiliate marketers, myThings is proving
the efficacy of personalised retargeting to the Ecommerce industry in general
and affiliate marketers specifically. It's this level of performance,
facilitated by myThings proprietary technology, which has enabled us to
pioneer and now lead as the provider of personalised retargeting solutions
for all the participants in the affiliate marketing ecosystem."

About myThings

Founded in 2005 by technology and retail executives, myThings is the
leader in CPA personalised retargeting, specializing in personalising the
affiliate channel. With over a billion impressions a month, myThings is
offering performance based (CPA) display ad solutions that deliver over 500%
uplift in return conversions for the top online retailers. Our offices are
located in UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Benelux and Japan.

myThings was chosen as the preferred, often exclusive, personalised
retargeting provider by the top affiliate networks, ad agencies and analytics
and ecommerce platforms, such as Coremetrics, XiTi, Venda and Affiliate
Window, seamlessly integrating with their existing tags.

    Contact info:

    Uriah Av-Ron
    PR for myThings
    Tel: +972-50-7-427-087

Contact info: Uriah Av-Ron, PR for myThings, Email: pr at,, Tel: +972-50-7-427-087

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