Pinnacle Biologics Appoints James L. Foght PhD to the Board of Directors

By Pinnacle Biologics Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BANNOCKBURN, Illinois, August 12, 2010 - The Board of Directors of Pinnacle Biologics Inc. has appointed Mr. James
L. Foght PhD as a director of the corporation, effective July 28, 2010.

Dr. Foght has over 40 years experience in the healthcare and life science
industries. He was a co-founder of DuPont Pharmaceuticals and the founder and
President of Vector Securities International, a premier investment banking
firm specializing in life sciences. He is currently chairman of the Board of
Directors of Illinois Ventures LLC, a premier seed and early technology
investment firm that commercializes technologies from the University of
and other Midwestern universities. He also holds many advisory
positions, and he is board member of the Illinois Emerging Technology Funds,
Chairman of PharmaIn Inc. and a former board member at Cambridge Antibody
Technology (UK), Acrux Limited (Melbourne, Australia) and Advisory Board
Member for Ovation Pharmaceuticals (now Lundbeck).

"We are pleased with the addition of Jim to our Board of Directors," said
Guillermo Herrera, Executive Chairman of Pinnacle Biologics Inc. "Jim brings
to Pinnacle the combination of scientific background, industry experience,
financing and banking knowledge."

"I am excited to join the Board of Directors of Pinnacle Biologics;
Pinnacle management, product line and expansion programs makes this company
an outstanding player in the emerging healthcare space," said Dr. Jim Foght.

About Pinnacle:

Founded in 2008, Pinnacle Biologics Inc. is an emerging Pharmaceutical
company devoted to the acquisition of revenue generating products primarily
in the Oncology field. Pinnacle spends resources in increasing product
revenues by managing product life-cycle trough expansion of indications, new
forms and applications of the products. Currently Pinnacle commercializes
ETHYOL(R), brand of Amifostine in Western Europe.

    Contact information: Guillermo A. Herrera

Guillermo A. Herrera of Pinnacle Biologics Inc., +1-847-283-7693, herrerag at

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