Platinum AVA Award for Best Safety Movie Goes to Dutch Marketing Firm ElcaMedia

By Elcamedia Bv, PRNE
Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HOOFDDORP, The Netherlands, December 16 - This year the Platinum Award for Best Safety Movie was awarded to
ElcaMedia from the Netherlands, which developed the movie for the promotion
of the latest version of Madymo software made by TASS (TNO automotive).

MADYMO is the leading occupant safety design software employed in various
industries like automotive, aerospace, military, accident reconstruction, as
well as for bio-mechanical research. The injury risk of people in crashes can
be calculated by Madymo's computerized models of crash test dummies and the
human body.

"TASS congratulates ElcaMedia on winning this prestigious award, which is
a confirmation by its peers of the outstanding work that ElcaMedia has done
for us. The movie was created as part of a completely new brand identity that
ElcaMedia developed for TASS. We value the ability of ElcaMedia to quickly
interpret our needs and accurately translate them into an innovative concept
that fits with the perception we want to achieve," said Mr. van Hoof, head of
Marketing Communications.

The international AVA Awards recognizes excellence in video production,
tv commercials, news, and programs, as well as new media. Entries include
film, analog and digital productions viewed in a wide variety of mediums -
from movie screens to televisions to computers. Entrants include video and
film production companies, web developers, advertising agencies, PR firms,
corporate and government communication departments, producers, directors,
editors, and shooters.

The AVA Statuette, an elegant woman holding the film reel aloft, is a
symbolic representation of its evolving craft. The statuette is created by
the Entenmann-Rovin Company of Los Angeles, the same craftsmen that produce
the Golden Globes Awards.

About ElcaMedia:

Working with companies across the globe, ElcaMedia specializes in
corporate branding and concept development for products, services and
advertising campaigns.

Over the years, ElcaMedia has won numerous international awards for its
quality, creativity and innovative approach to marketing, sustainability
marketing & corporate communication.

In 2009 ElcaMedia was awarded 6 international awards: 4 Platinum, 1 Gold
and 1 Silver. Among these awards is also the Creativity Annual Award which is
one of the longest running international advertising and graphic design
competitions in the world.

ElcaMedia's new website:

For more information, please contact: ElcaMedia BV, media contact: Daan Elffers, Siriusdreef 17-27, 2132 WT Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, Tel: +31(0)23-568-9126, E-mail:
daan at

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