Advanced Plasma Power and Group Machiels Announce Landmark Waste Management Joint Venture

By Advanced Plasma Power, PRNE
Thursday, May 26, 2011

LONDON, May 27, 2011 -

Advanced Plasma Power (APP), the UK-based waste-to-energy
company and Group Machiels, the global waste management firm, today announce
a major joint venture in order to undertake the first enhanced landfill
mining project in the world - involving an investment of hundreds of millions
of euros.

The Closing the Circle concept, an enhanced landfill mining
concept, has been developed by Group Machiels in collaboration with a
consortium of academic partners (KULeuven, VITO, UHasselt), extracting the
maximum value from historic waste streams as materials and energy, as well as
CO2 sequestration or offsetting.

The Closing the Circle concept is being implemented in the
project at the landfill site of Remo Milieubeheer NV in Houthalen-Hechteren,
Belgium, a subsidiary of Group Machiels. More than 16 million tons of waste
is stored at that landfill site. The type, amount and location of the waste
stored is well documented, allowing its effective and efficient mining.
Around 45% of the stored waste can be recycled as material. The recycling
residue can be processed through APP's patented Gasplasma(R) technology,
Europe's first truly sustainable waste-to-energy application of this kind.

The joint venture aims to construct an energy plant using up
to five Gasplasma(R) units, with a net electrical power of 75 to 100 MW -
this is equivalent to the energy required to power 100,000 homes. The energy
produced by the Gasplasma(R) units will be fed into the national electricity
grid in Flanders.

This joint venture is the first deal of this scale for the
ground breaking Gasplasma(R) process. It combines two existing and proven
technologies to produce a highly efficient waste-to-energy process meeting
all European emissions requirements with virtually no residual wastes.

The Gasplasma(R) process is a gasification and plasma
conversion technology that converts the waste stream into a clean
hydrogen-rich syngas and a vitrified recyclate product called Plasmarok(R)
that can be used as a building material or replacement aggregate. The
Gasplasma(R) process destroys harmful gases leaving the high quality syngas
to be used to generate clean, renewable, local energy.

The Gasplasma(R) process is perfectly suited for the Closing
the Circle project, which will see the Remo landfill site that has been in
use since the 1970s returned to its original state with green spaces to be
enjoyed by the community.

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