Qurius and Prodware Take the Next Step

By Qurius And Prodware, PRNE
Sunday, July 10, 2011

PARIS and ZALTBOMMEL, The Netherlands, July 11, 2011 -


Qurius and Prodware announce the establishment of a strategic
After building up a track record of common
business achievements over the past 5 months Prodware and Qurius
are now taking the next step towards the creation of an EMEA
champion in business solutions and applications. This alliance will
be driven by the management of the two groups and follows the
announcement made on February 8th when the companies entered into
exclusive discussions. The key objective of this alliance is to
create significant synergies.

In this next step, the alliance will be substantiated by the

  • Qurius and Prodware have agreed that it is important to provide
    Qurius’ management team with a strong industrially focused
    stakeholder that can help reinforce the company. In this context
    Parcom Capital of the Netherlands, currently the largest
    shareholder of Qurius, supports this strategic move and is willing
    to facilitate it through an exchange of shares in which Parcom will
    sell a part of their interest in Qurius to Prodware in exchange for
    an interest in Prodware. To establish this, Prodware will issue new
    shares and sell these to Parcom after which Parcom will be holding
    a stake of 6% in Prodware. As a result of this transaction Prodware
    will become the largest shareholder in Qurius with a stake of
    17,1%, instead of 9% before. After the transaction Parcom will be
    holding 7,2% of Qurius shares.

  • The Supervisory Board of Qurius invites Mr. Philippe Bouaziz,
    chairman of the Board of Prodware, to assume the role of advisor to
    the Qurius Supervisory Board with immediate effect and plans to
    nominate, at the next shareholders meeting, Mr. Bouaziz for a full
    membership of the Qurius Supervisory Board.

  • With immediate effect Mr. Leen Zevenbergen, CEO of Qurius, will
    become a member of the executive strategic committee of Prodware
    where he joins, amongst others, Mr. Alain Conrard, CEO of

Both groups own and distribute powerful industry focused
business solutions that have a strong growth potential. Based on
the best and latest technologies, These solutions are
comprehensive, much more simple and cost effective to deploy and
implement. Compared to standard market solution that need a lot
specific customization. Such an IP (Intellectual Property) focused
business model is considered to be of growing importance for the
future competitive position of the two companies. Qurius and
Prodware will thus invest in further development of IP and will
join forces to accelerate the potential revenue and margins
generated by such products and solutions. The two companies have

  • Signed an agreement to jointly and cross distribute respective
    IP and together develop new solutions for key high potential
    markets. In the course of this year they plan to create a joint
    venture for the distribution of such IP through the Microsoft
    partner channel.

  • Planned to sign a teaming agreement to provide both local and
    international customers and partners with the full range of
    resources and expertise that both companies have at their disposal.
    This will include all entities of both companies and not just the
    respective near-shore operations that Qurius and Prodware are
    currently already sharing.

Mr. Leen Zevenbergen, CEO of Qurius, confirms that: “The
substantiation of this commitment gives both companies a much
better position towards our business partners and especially to the
Microsoft Business Solution ecosystem that will now clearly
identify the Prodware & Qurius strategic alliance as one

Mr. Alain Conrard, CEO of Prodware, comments, “We are proud to
see that the asset management subsidiary of ING, Parcom Capital,
validates our strategic vision of building a European champion. We
are working hard with Leen and our teams to, step by step and with
the right timing, build this champion and thus maximize value for
our stakeholders. The synergies and energy between our respective
“countries” is already high and generating a lot of value. This
step will allow us to accelerate further.”

Qurius N.V.

Qurius provides IT solutions: design, architecture,
infrastructure, implementation and system management of
Microsoft-based business and IT solutions. From our head office in
Zaltbommel we serve clients throughout Europe, including Belgium,
Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and
the Czech Republic. In 2010, we openly communicated our objective
of achieving 100% sustainable operations by 2014. In this way, we
want to become the leading European organisation in sustainable IT.
We work with clients and partners who are equally ambitious and
have the same sustainability objectives. Qurius has been listed on
the Euronext Amsterdam since 1998. For more information visit

Prodware S.A.

Founded in 1989, PRODWARE (www.prodware.fr) creates,
integrates and hosts IT solutions for businesses. This activity is
exercised in a sector where success necessitates a blend of strong
IT expertise and industry specific know-how, specifically in
administrative and management processes.

PRODWARE already helps more than 15,000 active clients and is
the key actor and partner for the installation and management of
global IT solutions and applications. Present in 9 countries and
through strong strategic alliances the group accompanies
enterprises in their international deployment.

A good corporate citizen Prodware joined the United Nations
Global Compact in 2009.

Qurius N.V., Geerd Schlangen, Chief Brand Officer, href="mailto:g.schlangen@qurius.com">g.schlangen@qurius.com;
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