Rabobank Fights Fraud With a Flexible Coherent Multi Channel Approach

By Rabobank International, PRNE
Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LONDON, December 9, 2010 - International financial services provider, Rabobank, has
stepped up their protection against online fraud and increasing levels of
phishing attacks. It will tackle the issue with RiskShield from INFORM GmbH
and will monitor payment transactions and internet banking sessions with a
coherent systematic approach.

Online fraud has long been part of the landscape of internet
banking in the UK and USA, but the Netherlands has remained relatively
untouched. However, that landscape is changing. Following its first serious
online attack in the Netherlands, Rabobank has acted quickly to ensure online
banking will remain safe. The bank wanted to monitor and protect its internet
banking site and cut the number of false positive incidents to enable it to
enhance its customer service.

"Cyber criminals are constantly evolving and fraud and
phishing techniques are becoming more advanced," explains the Head of the
Fraud department at Rabobank. "At peak times Rabobank needs a solution that
can deal with a substantial amount of transactions per second so speed and
stability are key to the success of this solution. We looked at approximately
20 different products before selecting RiskShield from INFORM and feel
confident that this solution will meet our expectations and enhance our
position as a safe and trustworthy bank to do online business with."

RiskShield is an agile piece of software that is able to carry
out many different functions simultaneously. It is currently used to protect
more than 145 million cards against fraud in payments and prevents fraud with
credit cards and debit cards. The RiskShield solution for banks is designed
to tackle potential fraud in payment transactions and virtual channels, such
as internet banking. Several detection systems work together to give the
bank's fraud specialist staff a complete overview of what is happening and a
greater ability to trace and ultimately stop a fraudulent payment if

"The volume of transactions for a major European bank amounts
to millions per day and we understood from the outset that a stable system
was going to be key for Rabobank. What we have implemented at Rabobank
provides a high level of self sufficiency," adds Dr Andreas Meyer, Director
of the Risk & Fraud Division at INFORM.

"In this system the two processes of transaction and virtual
channel monitoring have been brought together. This will give Rabobank a more
complete picture and enable specialist staff to spot most fraud as it happens
in real-time and to block fraudulent payments within the bank."

For all press information please contact Amy Stevens +44(0)118-988-2992

For all press information please contact Amy Stevens +44(0)118-988-2992 amy.stevens at berkeleypr.co.uk

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