- Job Opportunities Across the UK fall Steeply in December

By Reed, PRNE
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LONDON, January 20, 2011 - According to and their job index, Job opportunities across the
country fell steeply last month, dropping by seven Index points in December.
The recent surge in demand from private sector employers reversed down to
give a Reed Job Index reading of 104.

However this mean year on year employer demand for new staff is up four
per cent compared to December 2009 when the Index began. Increased demand
from the private sector is responsible for this rise, as new public sector
jobs continue to fall to less than half their level of a year ago.

Salaries for new jobs ( increased last month by
three points, reversing their seven-month slump from May to November last
year to give a Reed Salary Index reading of 99. While year on year this
leaves salaries one point (one per cent) down and failing to keep pace with
inflation, they are now nearly back to their level of 12 months ago. Moreover
skills shortages seem to be returning in key areas as salaries reached
12-month record highs more than 20 percent up in Consultancy and for Retail
jobs, and outpaced inflation in Banking, Charity and Administration job

In spite of overall falls, job ( demand remained
close to 12-month highs in areas ranging from Transport, Consultancy, IT,
Marketing and Media to Banking, and reached their highest level since the
Index began in Engineering. At the same time the Reed Public Sector Job Index
sank to a new low of 42.

Year on year, the demand for new jobs has increased by more than 10% in
the Midlands (both East and West), Yorkshire & Humberside, East Anglia and
Scotland, and by 5% or more for London jobs (,-South-East-England) and the South
East. Only three areas out of the 12 analysed (Wales, the North East and
North West) have seen job demand fall year on year.

Martin Warnes, Managing Director of, comments on the Reed Job
Index for December:

"There are grounds for cautious optimism about new job prospects in 2011.
Rising private sector demand has been enough to create year on year growth in
spite of steep falls in new public sector jobs. Job sectors as different as
Consultancy, Marketing jobs (, Banking and
Engineering have experienced accelerating demand. Salaries have stabilized
and in key areas increased, threatening the reappearance of skills shortages.

"Clearly there are economic challenges ahead. Yet the jobs economy has
undoubtedly avoided a much-predicted double-dip in 2010 and the private
sector continues to lead a steady recovery in new job demand."

To get a full picture of how the job market is changing in your sector or
area of the country, the Reed job index infographic ( provides a
concise over view on how things are changing and how it could affect you.

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