Ricoh Accelerates Business Shift With Global Managed Document Services Expansion

By Ricoh Company Ltd., PRNE
Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Focus is squarely on improving customers' bottom line

TOKYO, LONDON and NEW YORK, January 20, 2011 - In a global event, held in Tokyo, London & New York, Ricoh Company, Ltd.,
a worldwide leader in digital office equipment and advanced document
management solutions and services, today announced an investment designed to
aggressively accelerate its shift to a services business model as a key
growth strategy, building upon its core foundation of industry-leading
hardware and software technologies and document and IT-related services. To
advance this shift, Ricoh plans to invest $300 million USD over three years
in its global Managed Document Services (MDS) infrastructure, underscoring
the company's commitment to its continued partnership with its customers,
helping them to grow their bottom line through effective document management,
improved workflow and increased productivity.

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New Research Reveals C-Suite Mistakenly Believes Document-Related Costs
are Insignificant

Based on research from industry analyst firm IDC and Ricoh MDS
engagements, a company with annual revenue of $250 million USD can save more
than $6 million USD annually* through effective document management,
according to Angele Boyd, IDC Group VP, General Manager, Imaging/Output
Document Solutions & SMB. This includes savings of observed costs, such as
printing, as well as unobserved costs connected to IT support, documents and
records management, environmental, regulatory compliance and end-user

Ricoh also unveiled new research from a series of global focus groups and
surveys with C-suite executives and senior IT managers. The research,
conducted in partnership with IDC, found that while businesses are aware that
they need to gain more insight into their information and document workflows,
they continue to have little understanding of the specific amount of money
spent in this area. This is largely attributed to the lack of consolidation
of both observed and unobserved costs and fragmented distribution of these
costs across different departments within the organization.

In addition, there is low awareness among executives of the positive
impact a document management strategy could have on the business, including
how much could be saved and the overall impact on the bottom line.

Harnessing the power of information contained in documents and processes
as a core company asset is critical since the way organizations communicate
and conduct business is changing at an unprecedented pace. Ricoh's
accelerated shift to services, with a strong focus on MDS, will help
customers to become more responsive to the continual flow of information as
they address the changes in their industries.

"Ricoh recognizes that global workforce trends, new technologies and the
economy are transforming the way our customers must approach document
management. It is now a key priority for CIOs to ensure their organizations
are ready to meet the challenges brought by these forces," said Mr. Shiro
, President and CEO, Ricoh Company, Ltd. "Therefore, we are making
additional investments to help lead our customers in the implementation of
secure information infrastructure solutions that help them to become more
agile, responsive and productive. Through our on-site and off-site support,
we help our customers stay focused on revenue-generating activities, while we
do what we do best — optimize workflows."

A Holistic Approach

Ricoh's investment in its global MDS infrastructure is designed to
strengthen its best practices approach and technologies across its global
footprint and help the company achieve an annual MDS revenue target of $3.3
billion USD
by FY2013.

Investments will focus on reinforcing Ricoh's key strengths and
leadership including:

    -- Enhancing Ricoh's adaptive customer-focused approach, in which Ricoh
       partners with businesses to help them meet their goals. This approach
       includes development of Ricoh's global change management professional
       services offering, based upon Prosci's ADKAR(R) change management
       methodology, which is designed to help employees permanently change
       costly document-related behaviors. In addition, Ricoh has globally
       adopted the ITIL(R) service delivery framework, which is the most
       widely used approach to IT services management. Ricoh is also
       increasing the number of services teams professionally certified in
       the ITIL(R) and the ADKAR(R) methodologies.
    -- Improving Ricoh's holistic, vendor-agnostic approach to information,
       infrastructure and process management. This approach allows Ricoh to
       manage a company's entire fleet, regardless of manufacturer. This
       holistic approach will be further enhanced as Ricoh accelerates the
       delivery of a suite of cloud-type tools for device and print
       management, optimization and decision support.
    -- Broadening Ricoh's global MDS workforce as well as globally
       standardizing its sales and services training. This is critical to
       maintaining a globally consistent approach to services delivery,
       regardless of where the customer's offices are located. Ricoh has one
       of the industry's largest direct sales and services organizations,
       which currently includes 30,000 services professionals.

Ricoh has delivered custom MDS solutions to customers around the world.
For customer success stories and testimonials on Ricoh's MDS approach, please
click here (

*Projected annual savings in document management costs for a typical
company of this size based upon IDC research and select Ricoh MDS
engagements. Individual company results may vary and actual cost savings are
not guaranteed.

Ricoh Company, Ltd.

Ricoh Company, Ltd. is a global technology leader, specializing in the
office and production printing markets. Ricoh works with organizations around
the world to modernize work environments and optimize document efficiency.
With more than 108,500 employees worldwide, Ricoh operates in Europe, the
Americas, Asia/Pacific, China, and Japan. Ricoh's worldwide sales were more
than 2,016 billion yen ($21 billion USD) in the year ended March 31, 2010.

Ricoh's Managed Document Services (MDS)

Ricoh's MDS approach is an extension and evolution of MPS, which
addresses the three fundamental functions relating to the entire document
management ecosystem of input, throughput, and output. Ricoh's MDS aims to
streamline core business processes by focusing on process, people, and
technology and innovation to create a state of continuous improvement. Ricoh
aims to help organizations better manage and leverage information for
improved business outcomes through a flexible, partnership-led approach.
Services management is the fundamental pillar to govern the print and
document services program, aided with expert consultancy as well as proven
project and change management methodologies. Ricoh is recognized today by
both IDC and Gartner as a leader in the industry.

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