Discovery of an Unknown Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

GENOA, Italy, January 19, 2011 - An unknown drawing by Leonardo da Vinci has been discovered in Italy -
(click here to view: The portrait of a
male head in profile comes from the Codex Atlanticus, the most numerous
collection of Leonardo da Vinci's folios.

The most striking aspect of this extraordinary discovery is the precise
correspondence, in shape and size, between the traces of glue still present
on the back of the discovered drawing and the remnants of glue visible on the
reverse of folio 1033 of the Codex Atlanticus. This and other evidence,
further detailed on the site, have
emerged after years of study and research during which historical-scientific
appraisals were drawn up by experts such as Professor Peter Hohenstatt and
Professor Luigi Capasso.

These appraisals are based on a detailed examination of the typical
characteristics of Leonardo's figure drawing and the particular chemical
compositions of the microelements of the drawing paper, already found in
other works attributed to the Maestro and preserved at the Uffizi in
Florence. According to a reconstruction of the discovery, the da Vinci
drawing remained concealed for more than a century between the cover and the
first page of an ancient volume belonging to Cardinal Placido Maria Tadini,
an eminent prelate who became Cardinal of Genoa in 1835.

The Cardinal's house was subsequently purchased by the Ponzellini family
and, in 1940, the last descendent of the family found the sheet which he
preserved in his studio until his death in the early fifties. At the start of
the new millennium, research was carried out to establish its paternity;
however, the owners subsequently decided to sell it. The new purchaser
continued the research but, after two years, sold the portrait to its current
owners who, after years of intense, in-depth study, have established not only
the historical period of the sheet but also its proven paternity.

All the information about the drawing, analysis, pictures and multimedia
materials, can be found here: .

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