Ricoh's Business Shift Accelerates as CIOs Tackle Future Workplace Challenges

By Ricoh Europe Plc, PRNE
Monday, January 24, 2011

Ricoh is Collaborating With CIOs to More Effectively Manage Knowledge and Convert it Into 'Information Capital' - a Businesses Most Vital Asset

LONDON, January 25, 2011 - Ricoh Europe today ( ) announced that it is
accelerating its shift to a service orientated business model. The change
will enable it to further help CIOs address the challenges of the future
workplace driven by; changing demographics, sustainability, globalisation and
technology. In addition to a global investment of $300 million over three
years in Managed Document Services, ( )
Ricoh Europe's strategy includes; increasing its sales teams, strengthening
its service delivery process and continuing to expand its technology
portfolio. It is also capitalising upon its acquisitions of IKON(2) and Carl
(3) to enhance its services portfolio.

Turning information into a valuable business asset with Managed Document
Services New technologies are empowering knowledge workers to collaborate,
share and work remotely. However the Baby Boom generation (1946-1964) will
leave the workforce by 2025 and they will be taking valuable knowledge with
them. This can result in a loss of information capital for businesses that do
not have efficient processes in place to govern it. Ricoh's shift to a
service orientated approach is enabling it to increase the way it is
collaborating with the CIOs and further helping them to gain more control
over their document governance. The result is that CIOs will be able to more
effectively manage valuable knowledge and convert it into 'information
capital', their businesses most vital asset.

Ricoh Managed Document Services ( ) is
an extension and evolution of Managed Print Services. It addresses the three
fundamental functions relating to the document management ecosystem; input,
throughput, and output. Ricoh is partnering with its customers to reduce
costs of up to 30%, significant when total spend on document governance in
Europe currently exceeds an estimated EUR14 billion per year(1). Ricoh will
also collaborate with the CIO to increase access to critical information, and
increase productivity. It does this by considering the people, processes, and
technologies prior to implementation and understanding the best way to
optimise each element.

Its tools and processes are based on global best practices and provide a
single and coherent view of what's happening inside a business, in relation
to cost, security and sustainability. Ricoh will also support the delivery
and ongoing governance of the solution to make continuous improvements and to
ensure it is optimised into the future.

Enhancing its service orientated approach

Ricoh Europe has successfully integrated the expertise gained from its
acquisition of IKON(2). The acquisition underpins Ricoh's strategy to
transform into a services-led organisation, by combining with IKON's strong
sales and service network and strengthening its business infrastructure in
the US, Canada and Europe. It also enhanced Ricoh's in-house leasing service
and IT service capability. Ricoh Europe has also acquired and integrated Carl
(3) and maximised its capabilities in the IT services sector by extending
them to customers in Sweden and the wider Nordic and EMEA regions.

"Ricoh aims to be a key partner to CIOs - a source of guidance and
support. Our business has changed to ensure we are ready to collaborate with
businesses to meet the needs of the future workplace. By giving CIOs more
control over their managed document services environment, Ricoh is empowering
them to take a strategic approach to information management," says Simon
, Chairman and CEO, Ricoh Europe. "Managed Document Services is at the
heart of our European strategy and journey to become a more service oriented


(1) The Ricoh Document Governance Index, conducted by Coleman Parkes
Research (October 2009)

(2) IKON acquired October 2008. The world's largest independent provider
of document management systems and services

(3) Carl Lamm acquired April 2009. An exclusive distributor of a range of
Ricoh branded products in Sweden and nationwide supplier of IT solutions

About Ricoh

Ricoh Company, Ltd ("Ricoh Company") is a global technology leader,
specialising in the office and production printing markets. Ricoh works with
organisations around the world to modernise work environments and optimise
document efficiency.

With over 108,500 employees worldwide, it operates in Europe, the
Americas, Asia Pacific, China and Japan. Ricoh Europe Holdings Plc is a
public limited company and the EMEA headquarters of Ricoh Company with
operations located in London, United Kingdom and Amstelveen, the Netherlands.
In the fiscal year ended 31 March 2010, revenues from Ricoh's EMEA operations
totalled over YEN 458.5 billion ($4.5 bn) Ricoh Company's worldwide sales
totalled over YEN 2,016 billion ($21bn) during the year ended 31 March 2010.

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