The New BVS Wolfhound-PRO Contraband Cell Phone Detector's Multi-frequency Design Offers an Integrated Device for both US and European Markets

By Berkeley Varitronics Systems Inc., PRNE
Monday, January 24, 2011

METUCHEN, New Jersey, January 25, 2011 - Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc. (BVS), a leading provider of advanced
wireless solutions and products to the domestic and international wireless
telecommunications and security markets today announced the release of a
handheld cell phone detector called the Wolfhound(TM)-PRO. It is the third in
a line of BVS' advanced, award winning cell phone detection products and the
most advanced in terms of sensitivity and features.

The Wolfhound-PRO alerts security and correctional professionals to
nearby cell phone activity with a bright OLED screen and integrated vibration
notification. The device runs on an internal Li-ION rechargeable power system
for up to 4+ hours enabling security personnel to continuously scan for all
cellular voice, text or data transmissions. The intuitive one-button
illuminated trackball allows for simple operation.

Wolfhound-PRO can also be used in countries with a mixed set of
frequencies, where US and EU frequencies are used in different geographic
locations. Coupled with the Wolfhound-PRO is a multi-band DF (Direction
Finding) Antenna that makes the unit the ideal tool for pin pointing the
targeted cell phone.

The Wolfhound-PRO is the latest device in a family of cell phone
detection products from BVS. The original Wolfhound was released in December
of 2009 followed by the Wolfhound-LITE in June of last year. Combined, the
devices are in use in hundreds of correctional facilities in both US and
international locations.

About Berkeley Varitronics Systems

Berkeley Varitronics Systems, located in Metuchen, New Jersey, has been
providing advanced wireless solutions and products to the domestic and
international wireless telecommunications industry for over 35 years. Since
1995, BVS has introduced over 50 unique wireless test devices for a variety
of applications including the popular Cellular, iDEN, PCS, CDMA, RFID, LTE,
Mobile WiMAX, FIXED WiMAX, 802.11b/a/n/g & Bluetooth specifications. The past
few years BVS has unleashed several niche cell phone detection tools used in
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