RISI Announces Release of 2011 Pulp & Paper Mill Directory

By Risi, PRNE
Wednesday, August 24, 2011

ATLANTA, August 25, 2011 -

Today RISI announced that in the past year, 50 pulp and paper mills have closed, 13 have idled, 55 have opened, 204 have changed ownership and 337 have changed company name worldwide. These updates were published in the 2011 Lockwood-Post Directory of Pulp & Paper Mills.

The directory tracks and reports mill changes for more than 4,000 pulp and paper mills and company headquarters around the world. First published in 1884, the Lockwood-Post Directory has been used as a reference guide by pulp and paper industry professionals for more than 125 years.

“It’s crucial for professionals who work in the pulp and paper industry to stay abreast of these mill changes,” said Surya P. Raina, Vice President of Mill Intelligence at RISI. “It’s difficult to retain your competitive edge if you’re making strategic business decisions based on outdated information.”

Directory Coverage

The Lockwood-Post Directory contains an up-to-date snapshot of every major pulp and paper mill operating around the globe. These updates are tracked and recorded throughout the year and are published annually. An online directory is also available which is continuously updated as mill changes occur.

Included in the directory:

  • Pulp and paper company headquarters: address, phone, fax, email, website, ownership, mill locations
  • Pulp and paper mills: address, phone, fax, email, website, type of operation, ownership, equipment details, grades produced and capacities
  • Industry associations: address, phone, fax, email, website, scope
  • Contact information for key personnel listings at all of the above, including titles, email addresses, phone and fax numbers (where available)
  • Pulp mill data:
    • Main pulp grades and capacities
    • Mechanical pulping systems: amount and type
    • Chemical pulping systems: amount of batch digesters, continuous digesters
    • Bleach plant lines: type, sequence used, capacity
  • Pulp dryers
    • Type
    • Chemical recovery equipment: evaporator lines, recovery boilers, lime kiln
    • Recycled fiber treatment lines: type, capacity
  • Paper and paperboard mill data
    • Major paper and paperboard grades and capacities
    • Stock preparation: amount of refiners and pulpers
    • Paper machines: type, capacity, trim width, grades produced
    • Coating machines: amount, capacity
    • Finishing equipment: amount of rewinders, sheeters, and supercalenders with their capacities
  • Power generation supply:
    • Amount of power boilers
    • Amount of steam, gas and hydro turbines with their ratings
    • Amount of electrical power and demand at each mill
  • Index of grades showing which mills produce which products
  • Index by country showing where mills are located

The 2011 Lockwood-Post Directories are only available while supplies last. For more information, please visit www.risi.com/2011lpd.  

About RISI

RISI is the leading information provider for the global forest products industry. The company works with clients in the pulp and paper, wood products, timber, biomass, tissue, nonwovens, printing and publishing industries to help them make better decisions.

Headquartered in Bedford, MA, RISI operates global offices throughout North and Latin America, Europe and Asia. More information can be found at www.risi.com.

Jennifer Anderson, Marketing Manager, Mill Intelligence, RISI, +1-770-373-3019, janderson at risi.com

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