Spyware Compromises 150,000+ Symbian Devices

By Netqin Mobile Inc., PRNE
Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BEIJING, February 24, 2011 - A new variant of spyware "Spy.Felxispy" on Symbian devices causing
privacy leakage has recently been captured by the National Computer Virus
Emergency Response Centre of China. According to NetQin Mobile Inc., a global
leader in mobile security service, there are more than a dozen variants of
the spyware since the first was spotted, and the latest has affected 150,000+

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Once installed, the spyware will turn on the Conference Call feature of
the device without users' awareness. When users are making phone calls, the
spyware automatically adds itself to the call to monitor the conversation.
"The Conference Call feature allows more than two parties to join a
conversation, and it's easily available to most smart-phone users. The
privacy stealers exploit the vulnerability of this feature for financial
purposes. The privacy protection on mobile devices becomes more important
than ever," said Dr. Zou Shihong, Vice President of R&D from NetQin.

NetQin Cloud Security Centre detects that the spyware can remotely turn
on the speaker on the phone to monitor sounds around users without the users'
awareness. Apart from that, the spyware is also capable of synchronizing the
messages the user received and delivered to the monitoring phone. These
performances will compromise users' privacy.

According to NetQin, the privacy stealers usually install the spyware on
the phone or send MMS containing the spyware to users to lure them to click.
As the spyware is artfully disguised, users will easily be trapped.

NetQin warns that smart-phone users are exposed to more mobile security
threats than ever and users should always be cautious whenever performing
operations on their mobile devices. To stay safe, NetQin experts give the
following tips in using your phone:

    1. Never click open MMS from unknown numbers as they may get your phone
       infected. Instead, delete them upon receipt.
    2. Be on alert for unusual behavior on your phone, such as unusual SMS.
    3. Don't leave your phone out of your sight in public environments.
    4. Install a trusted security application to protect your phone from
       security threats. NetQin Mobile Anti-virus is protecting millions
       of users from mobile threats with its features of anti-virus,
       real-time protection, etc.. NetQin Mobile Anti-virus 4.6 is available
       to download at
       www.netqin.com/products/antivirus/ and on Android Market.

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