Security Alert: New Spyware on Android Devices Identified

By Netqin Mobile Inc., PRNE
Thursday, February 24, 2011

BEIJING, February 25, 2011 - On the heels of Hong Tou Tou, another two spyware programs on Android
devices have been captured by NetQin Mobile Inc., a global leader in mobile
security services. Named "SW.SecurePhone" and "SW.Qieting", the spyware may
cause serious privacy leakage.


Once installed, SW.SecurePhone will run in the background without any
icon displayed. It will monitor the phone and collect data to save on the SD
card. The data, including messages, call log, location of the phone, recorded
sounds around the phone and pictures in the phone, will then be uploaded to a
remote server every 20 minutes. This will compromise privacy as well as use
internet traffic. This spyware is mainly distributed in the U.S through
downloading from internet.

SW.Qieting automatically forwards messages received to a monitoring phone
without the user's awareness. Meanwhile, there is no icon displayed after
installation, hardly can the user be aware of the application being

Security threats on Android devices are not fictions given the facts that
more and more mobile threats are being captured. The typical ones include
Geinimi identified by NetQin last November and Hong Tou Tou last week. Users
should be more cautious than ever when enjoying the benefits of Android

To stay safe, NetQin suggests users follow the tips below when using the

    1. Download applications from trusted sources and do check
       reviews, ratings and developer information before downloading.
    2. Never blindly accept application requests. Closely monitor
       permissions requested by any application; an application should not
       request to do more than what it offers in its official list of
    3. Be on alert for unusual fee deduction, as this may be a
       sign that your phone is infected.
    4. Install a trusted security application to protect your
       phone from security threats. NetQin Mobile Anti-virus is protecting
       millions of users from mobile threats with its features of anti-
       virus, real-time protection, etc. NetQin Mobile Anti-virus 4.6 is
       available to download at
       and on Android Market.

About NetQin

Founded in 2005, backed by Sequoia, Mayfield, Fidelity and Ceyuan VC,
NetQin Mobile Inc. (referred to as "NetQin" hereafter) is a global leader in
mobile security services, delivers proven mobile security solutions based on
a cloud-computing model, including anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-spam,
privacy protection, data backup and recovery, as well as data management - to
more than 70 million users in more than 200 countries and regions worldwide -
to protect them against mobile security threats. As the market leader in
mobile security, NetQin holds 67.7% market share of China mobile security
market (2010 Whitepaper on China Mobile Security Market by Frost & Sullivan,
January 2011), and has received multiple industry awards and honors,
including Technology Pioneer 2011 by the World Economic Forum, and the 2009
China Frost & Sullivan Award for Mobile Security Market Leadership.

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