Serono Symposia International Foundation (SSIF) Launches a New Web Site Dedicated to Medical Education on Phenylketonuria (PKU)

By Serono Symposia International Foundation, PRNE
Monday, August 30, 2010

A New Tool is Targeted to Specialists in PKU, Offering an Advanced Educational Pathway Consisting of CME Accredited e-Learning Modules

ROME, August 31, 2010 - PKU specialists around the world can now count on a brand-new,
authoritative website entirely dedicated to this rare genetic disorder, which
affects one out of every 10,000 to 20,000 live births worldwide.

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The web site will be launched during the 2010 SSIEM Annual
Symposium (Society for the Study of the Inborn Errors of Metabolism) held in
Istanbul from August the 31st to September the 3rd. This meeting provides a
prestigious platform from which scientists and physicians will have the
opportunity to share their opinions and experiences on the vast array of
metabolic problems.

The PKU Academy website ( meets the
full range of educational needs of healthcare professionals dealing with PKU,
and provides many educational tools including CME-accredited online courses,
a glossary, a bibliography and FAQs. The website has two main areas: the PKU
Academy section, which provides the users with simple educational tools
enabling them to acquire a basic and up-to-date knowledge of the disease; and
the PKU Masters, an area addressed to specialists offering a more advanced
educational pathway consisting of CME-accredited e-learning modules.

"Continuous medical education is a must," said Nenad Blau, Professor of
Clinical Biochemistry at the Division of Clinical Chemistry and Biochemistry,
University Children's Hospital of Zurich, and a member of the PKU Editorial
Board of the new PKU web site, "and PKU specialists around the world can now
count on the most up-to-date source of medical knowledge by top worldwide
experts on each aspect of the disease including genetics, diagnosis, and

"This kind of authoritative knowledge," added Professor Blau,
"will be provided through user-friendly educational tools and e-learning
modules, which will enable the users to refer to this new web site in a
self-tailored way according to personal and professional needs, time and

The user-friendly educational tools within the Academy area of
the web site include a dedicated PKU Glossary - an evolving tool and core
reference of key terms that will provide rapid updates and explanations of
all terms related to the disease and mentioned in the web site - and a
Frequently Asked Question section providing the most authoritative answers to
even the most common questions asked about the disorder.

Healthcare professionals seeking a more in-depth understanding
of PKU can also undertake the online courses addressing topics from
pathophysiology and diagnosis, to management of PKU. The professionals
completing the online courses are entitled to CME credits.

The Secretary of the Board of Directors Mr Jean-Daniel Baki
reported that the Board is proud of this new step and accomplishment, which
reflects the long term commitment of Serono Symposia International Foundation
to cover the medical educational needs of a wide range of diseases, including
so-called "rare" diseases.

Healthcare professionals already working in PKU will find the e-learning
modules of the PKU Masters area of the new web site an invaluable way of
deepening and broadening their understanding of this difficult condition.

Any further and additional information will be provided at the
SSIF Booth 14 in the SSIEM Annual Symposium. Specialists can register
on-site, completely free of charge. and

Serono Symposia International Foundation is a non-profit
organization based in Geneva (Switzerland). It was founded to disseminate the
most innovative achievements and potential developments of medical and
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and publications. In particular, it provides Continuing Medical Education for
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programs. Over the past four decades Serono Symposia International Foundation
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