Spanish Group Ficosa Focuses its New Strategy on Electronic Innovation and Further Automation Diversification

By Ficosa, PRNE
Tuesday, February 1, 2011

BARCELONA, Spain, February 2, 2011 - Spanish industrial group Ficosa, a world leader in research,
development, production and marketing of systems and components for vehicles,
is facing the future with a more internationalised, more diverse business
with products of greater added value, in order to become the leading company
in the field of electronic systems related to security, communications and
energy efficiency. This multinational industrial group, founded in 1949 and
present in 19 countries, is making a qualitative leap by enforcing the
innovation of electronic products and diversifying its activities to include
new sectors beyond the automotive industry.

The new Ficosa is broadening its activities by adding to its
current operative divisions, of Automobiles, Commercial Vehicles and
Technology to include Renewable Energy - focused on the design and
manufacture of products for improved energy efficiency - and Engineering,
including projects in sectors such as transport, aerospace, communication,
railways, renewable energy and health-tech. The group will update its 6,000m2
R+D centre, making it one of the most important automobile, electronics,
energy and communication-dedicated Technology Centres in Spain.

This new strategy forms part of the recent acquisition of the
60,000m2 Sony plant in Viladecavalls (Barcelona), which allows the group to
complete its transformation towards products with greater electronic and
software content with the creation of the Centre of Electronic Excellence.
The group also has three other world-level Centres of Excellence focussing on
By Wire Technology for vehicle transmissions, actuators and mechanisms, the
manufacture of rear-view mirrors and Renewable Energy.

According to Xavier Pujol, CEO of Ficosa, "We have taken
advantage of the crisis by making Ficosa an even stronger company with
greater future prospects, based on a series of operations which allow us to
expand the Group's five strategic axes: globalisation, client
diversification, innovation, operational efficiency and financial

Ficosa is focussing its global growth in North America and
Asia, through the integration of local competitors and the development of
strategic alliances with complementary competitors.

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