Spectacular Underwater Demo — Abu Dhabi 2010

By Stopaq, PRNE
Wednesday, October 6, 2010

STADSKANAAL, The Netherlands, October 7, 2010 - STOPAQ will present its new Subsea Compound System in a spectacular live
demonstration at Adipec 2010. STOPAQ Specialists will demonstrate the newest
revolutionary underwater anti-corrosion techniques in applying the
self-healing, visco-elastic corrosion-prevention systems at the STOPAQ
Outdoor Pavilion. The Pavilion features a purpose-built basin, filled with
80.000 liters of water.

The Stopaq Subsea Compound System can be applied fully underwater and
offers a long-term (30 years) guarantee against the harsh consequences of
subsea conditions. This specialized, non-toxic subsea system is
environmentally friendly and easy to apply requiring only two divers at a

The Stopaq Subsea Compound System allows careful and timely planning of
projects. Operations can be carried out irrespective of weather constraints,
such as wind or rain. High-pressure water cleaning at 200-300 bar is
sufficient to obtain the required level of cleanliness ST2-3.

The Stopaq Subsea System is presently being applied in a major project in
the Port of Rotterdam. Commissioned by Ballast Nedam and the Maasvlakte Oil
Terminal (MOT), STOPAQ and SMIT Subsea Europe have been tasked to renew and
protect 133 steel jetty piles. This project has already attracted many visits
from companies and port authorities interested to witness the new system in

Dutch and Dubai based STOPAQ (with a factory in Saudi Arabia) is a
manufacturer and worldwide supplier of the highest quality patented
visco-elastic anti-corrosion products. Specializing in self-healing corrosion
prevention and sealant systems, STOPAQ supplies a wide range of green
visco-elastic solutions to protect assets from corrosion and water ingress.
Its systems are applied on-shore and off-shore, in the field and in the
factory , and both above ground and subsea. STOPAQ coatings and sealants are
used in many applications, ranging from pipelines to piles and rails to cable
joints, delivering unique and easy to apply protection even in the most
extreme climates and conditions.

For further information please contact Sander Hofstee (VP & Sales Director) at +31-599-696-170.

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