Large-Scale Contruction Projects: Can't we all Just get Along?

By Iqpc Middle East, PRNE
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

DUBAI, UAE, November 24, 2010 - As construction projects in Saudi Arabia hit over US 500 billion, the
demand for experts to execute and deliver these ambitious projects is rising
dramatically. Developers, master planners, architects, contractors,
consultants and interior designers must collaborate effectively across all
phases of design and construction to ensure project success.

Ensuring successful project delivery is dependant on consistent
continuity, keeping costs down and ease of maintenance during and after
completion. This requires stakeholder collaboration and efficient project
management, two factors which are not easy to achieve at the best of times.

Christian Merieau, Middle East Managing Director of Samuel Creations, is
an international hotel design specialist and understands the requirements
necessary for team harmony.

Christian will be speaking at IQPC's inaugural Interior Design and
Construction event, taking place in Saudi Arabia from 18-20 January 2011. He
will present the guidelines, procedures, methods and control tools necessary
to manage a successful hospitality project from conception to completion.

The interior design specialist will also detail the challenges of working
with multiple stakeholders and how to remain focused on preset goals. This
will include determining what things can go wrong when they can go wrong, and
how to overcome them during the project life-cycle.

Taking another perspective on the matter, Lawson Guffey, Project Manager
for Al Latifia Contracting, will offer his opinion on solving complex design
issues during the project life cycle from a contractor's perspective. The
Saudi based engineer will discuss the task of building complex designs and
implementing them in a variety of different projects while ensuring all
stakeholders remain in tandem with one another, designer, contractor or

About the Interior Design and Construction Saudi Arabia

IQPC's Interior Design and Construction Saudi Arabia event will take
place from 15-18 January 2011 at the Riyadh Marriott Hotel, Saudi Arabia. The
event will feature an expert speaker lineup of international interior
designers and key figures in Saudi Arabia's construction industry. To
register for the event call +971-4-364-2975, email or visit

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For more information contact Michelle Petiza, Marketing Manager, IQPC
Middle East. Email or call +971-364-2975.

For more information contact Michelle Petiza, Marketing Manager, IQPC Middle East. Email enquiry at or call +971-364-2975.

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