TATA Interactive Systems Enters the School Segment

By Tata Interactive Systems tis, PRNE
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Launches CLASSEDGE, an Integrated Learning Solution for Schools in India

MUMBAI, India, March 2, 2011 - Tata Interactive Systems (TIS), the global pioneer and leader
in e-learning and simulations, today launched CLASSEDGE, an integrated
learning solution for the Indian school education sector. TIS enters the
school segment with an initial investment of Rs. 100 crores from Tata
Industries and plans to increase its current headcount of 200 employees in
its school division to 600 people by the end of this year.

Over the past 20 years, TIS has been developing interactive
and media rich learning solutions for reputed educational publishers and
institutions across the US, UK, Europe and Middle East. CLASSEDGE was
developed on the strength of this solid international experience, with a
commitment to improve the quality of teaching and learning in Indian

CLASSEDGE is an innovative and comprehensive educational
solution from TIS, designed to help teachers deliver high quality
instruction, with an effective blend of classroom activities and interactive
multimedia demonstrations. Based on the TIS educational framework called
Multiple Learning Experiences Model, CLASSEDGE aims to enhance students'
social and thinking skills along with ensuring a thorough understanding of
the curriculum content.

Expressing his pleasure at the launch of another pioneering
initiative from the TATA Group, Mr. Kishor A Chaukar, Managing Director, Tata
, said, "A strong education system is a prerequisite for any
country's socio-economic development and we in the Tata Group are committed
to the cause of making world-class education available to the young populace
of India. It has been an established fact that technology and education has
to go hand in hand if we have to achieve global benchmarks and provide 100%
access to education. We are confident that with an expert learning solutions
provider like TIS entering this space, the school education landscape is up
for an overhaul that will bridge the education divide and provide the right
skills to our children to make them self-reliant."

Outlining the company's strategy, Mr. Sanjaya Sharma, Chief
Executive Officer, Tata Interactive Systems, said, "The launch of CLASSEDGE
is a significant milestone for us, as we see huge potential in the market,
with a large number of Indian schools still untouched by technological
benefits. Today's education system needs to give a window for participatory
learning where students get an opportunity to test their problem-solving
skills. Through CLASSEDGE, we intend to reach out to schools, educational
counselors and parents to address the gaps in the current educational
practices. Our aim is to encourage experiential learning and creative
thinking in students and enhance the effectiveness of the teaching-learning

"India's supplemental education represents a $15 billion market
opportunity over the next decade and we plan to target schools in over 100
cities in this year. We are committed to expand the market and establish a
leadership position in this segment," Mr. Sharma added. The market for
technology-enabled learning solutions in the Indian school education sector
has experienced a double digit annual growth over the last five years.
India's current literacy rate is still a low 65% and so the Government is
keen to promote educational initiatives to achieve 100 percent literacy by
2020. Needless to say, technology-enabled learning will be critical in
revamping India's education system, which has over 15 lakh schools in both
private and public domains.

About Tata Interactive Systems

Tata Interactive Systems (TIS) is the global leader in E-Learning
Solutions and Simulations. Its learning solutions are designed to enable the
success of key organizational initiatives and have proven their effectiveness
at more than 60 Fortune 500 companies worldwide. TIS is the only learning
solutions organization in the world to be assessed at Level 5 in both the
SEI-CMM and P-CMM frameworks. Its solutions have won nearly 50 prestigious
international awards over the last 10 years. TIS has development centers in
Germany, Switzerland, and India. Its sales and marketing operations span the
US, Canada, the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East
and India.

    CLASSEDGE: Key Differentiators

    - Offers well-designed lesson plans, mapped to state boards, CBSE and
      ICSE curricula. Based on the multiple learning experiences model, these
      plans help teachers provide multisensory learning and develop social
      and thinking skills in students.
    - Provides effective, short-duration multimedia elements and worksheets
      designed to promote critical and creative thinking
    - Integrates differentiated Extension Activities for struggling and
      gifted students
    - Enables efficient use of teacher time through interactive teacher tools
    - Cloud based hosting of content plus 24x7 connectivity allows new
      content to be immediately uploaded on the school server. The
      connectivity allows schools to collaborate through a secured network
      and build a knowledge sharing community.
    - Utilises non-obtrusive, advanced technology projectors that can even
      convert a classroom wall into an interactive whiteboard

    For more information, contact:

    Rajesh Jumani
    Tata Interactive Systems
    Phone: +91(0)22-66438000
    Email: rajeshj@tatainteractive.com

    Ketaki Manikeri, Lohit Chandran
    Text 100
    Phone: +91(0)22-61379011/ 10
    Email: Ketaki.manikeri@text100.co.in/ Lohit.chandran@text100.co.in

For more information, contact: Rajesh Jumani, Tata Interactive Systems, Phone: +91(0)22-66438000, Email: rajeshj at tatainteractive.com; Ketaki Manikeri, Lohit Chandran, Text 100, Phone: +91(0)22-61379011/ 10, Email: Ketaki.manikeri at text100.co.in/ Lohit.chandran at text100.co.in

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