6Sight Mobile Imaging Summit Expands to Europe

By 6sight, PRNE
Monday, February 28, 2011

JACKSON, Michigan, March 1, 2011 - 6Sight(R) Conferences LLC will expand its conference offerings to include
a Mobile Imaging Summit in Malmo Sweden on November 15-17, 2011, with event
co-hosts Scalado and Invest in Skane.

The 6Sight Mobile Imaging Conference is a companion to the 6Sight Future
of Imaging Conference held each year in the US. The event in Sweden will
focus on camera phones and the rapidly evolving innovations in mobile
imaging, whereas the US event encompasses all aspects of imaging from photo
image capture, photo publishing, social imaging, and mobile imaging.

"We had two successful Mobile Imaging Summit conferences in Europe in
2004 and 2005, and have been looking for the right opportunity to return,"
said Joe Byrd, president of 6Sight Conferences. "When we were approached by
Fadi Abbas, chief marketing officer and co-founder of Scalado, and Daniel
Kipowski, business development manager of Invest in Skane, to bring our
6Sight Conference back to Europe, we welcomed the opportunity. There is so
much mobile imaging innovation in this part of Sweden, this location will be
a great fit for our event."

"We are delighted that 6Sight, our partner since 2002, gives us this huge
recognition by bringing the most important imaging event back to Europe with
us as partners" said Abbas. "With our position as the centre of gravity of
imaging, we will for sure bring big players from several markets to Skane."

"South Sweden is a hotbed for research, innovation and entrepreneurship
within mobile imaging," said Kipowski. "We are excited about this opportunity
to, along with 6Sight and Scalado, show the mobile imaging leaders why
companies such as Apple, RIM, Intel, and ARM all have found acquisition
opportunities within this domain in South Sweden during the last two years
and why companies such as Scalado have been able to mature here."

6Sight, the imaging technology executive conference for PMA
International, will hold its next 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference on June
20-22, 2011
, at The Sainte Claire hotel in San Jose, Calif.


About the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference

The 6Sight(R) Future of Imaging Conference
(www.pmai.org/6sight_conference.aspx?id=15274) is an annual executive
gathering focused on the transformative impact of imaging technology and
visual communication on every facet of society - businesses, homes, and

Scalado press contact: Fadi Abbas, fadi@scalado.com, +46733118222
(twitter: @fadiabbas)

Scalado press contact: Fadi Abbas, fadi at scalado.com, +46733118222 (twitter: at fadiabbas)

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