Tesco Launches First Ever Shopping App for iPhone

By Tesco, PRNE
Wednesday, September 8, 2010

LONDON, September 9, 2010 - Tesco has announced that it is launching its first ever shopping app for
iPhone. The Tesco grocery app joins the family of hugely successful Tesco
apps, including Clubcard and the Winefinder, which together have now reached
over one million downloads.

The announcement represents a landmark moment for the supermarket, as
this is the first time that Tesco (www.tesco.com/) has created a
shopping portal that is specifically optimised for the iPhone.

Laura Wade-Gery, CEO for tesco.com comments: "We're always looking for
ways to make life easier for customers. The iPhone app creates a fantastic
new way to shop with tesco.com whenever you want, whether you're adding last
minute essentials or starting a new order."

The app means that customers can 'shop on the go' for groceries
(www.tesco.com/grocery) via their iPhones. Once downloaded, those
customers who have registered with tesco.com groceries will be able to access
their home store's product range and their 'Favourites' (items purchased
online or from a Tesco store using a Clubcard (
www.tesco.com/clubcard/clubcard/). They can log into their grocery
account and add forgotten items to their basket, or start a new order from
scratch, checking out securely on the phone or later online. The updated
order synchronises seamlessly from phone to computer and vice versa, perfect
for adding last minute essentials.

The Tesco iPhone app (www.tesco.com/apps/) is available for free
and users can download it directly from the Apple iTunes Store. Tesco has
been working with mobile specialists Ribot, who designed and developed the
new app.

Antony Ribot, co-founder of Ribot commented: "User experience is so
critical to the success of apps like these. The functionality can be great,
but if you fail on experience, you've failed full stop. For Tesco, the user's
shopping experience was the top priority, and that's where we were able to
put our knowledge to work. Ribot turned the whole concept of mobile shopping
on its head using 'Favourites' as the core component for the whole process.
By doing so, we've created something which is intuitive and familiar, despite
being completely new."

The tesco.com grocery app allows customers to:

    - Add/remove products from an existing order
    - Login to their grocery account
    - Browse 'Favourites'
    - Book a delivery slot
    - Search for and add products
    - Browse for products by department, shelves, aisles etc.
    - Display nutritional and storage info for products (not available for
      all products)
    - Seamlessly integrate their mobile grocery shopping with the same order
      on a computer
    - Checkout via their mobile or online

About Tesco:

Tesco plc, a UK-based international grocery and merchandising retailer,
is Britain's largest supplier and the world's third largest grocery retailer,
by both global sales and domestic market share. Founded as a food specialist
in 1929, Tesco has now expanded into diverse areas such as flowers, books,
music, clothes, gifts, telecoms and even baby buggies. The company employs
over 250,000 people, operates 1,779 stores across Europe and Asia and serves
over 15 million customers.

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