The App List

By The Sunday Times, PRNE
Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Conclusive Tour Around the World's Best Apps From Apple to Symbian, Angry Birds to Zagat

LONDON, February 11, 2011 - This weekend The Sunday Times will publish the first part of their
definitive App List (
Covering all devices and formats, with 40 different top app
categories and expert reviews, the guide is a must have for anyone who wants
to get the most out of the latest in consumer technology.

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Whether you are a tech geek who is first in the queue for the latest
smartphone, or a newbie still finding their way around the tablet you got for
Christmas, The Sunday Times App List will give you a guided tour around the
rich and diverse world of the best apps available.

The full list will be published in The Sunday Times and will be available
online via The
online version will be fully interactive, allowing users to search through
the apps by category, price and platform to find just what they are looking
for - from entertainment to business, films to fitness readers can also
directly click and buy from the list.

The guide has been compiled by experts in the relevant fields and regular
Sunday Times app reviewers. Some were included for their practicality and
usefulness whilst others were selected because they were brilliantly fun and

The Sunday Times App List runs across two weekends with 250 in part 1 and
250 in part 2 and will review each app in detail. The list does not just
include top iPhone apps or the best Android apps but covers all the most
popular devices (iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Nokia and Kindle).

From the 13th February the guide will include categories covering games,
social networking, news, sport, business, food, shopping and money. The
second part of the guide, available from the 20th February, will include
categories covering music, film, books, travel, fitness, gardening, DIY,
science and the weather.

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