New Look to Give Percentage of their Profits to Charity

By New Look, PRNE
Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Look Set up Charity Gift Card and Give a Donation to Customer's Charity of Choice

LONDON, February 11, 2011 - In 2009, high street fashion label New Look founded a charity scheme
encouraging donations to various charity partners, including both local
causes and global disaster relief.

To follow on from this, the label launched a new gift card on February
2011, with a new philanthropic twist. New Look will match 2% of the
original amount on the gift card, which will become the donation to the New
Look Foundation.

Customers can load small or larger values onto their New Look giftcard,
with purse-friendly options ranging from GBP5 to GBP250. So if you are after
some patterned dresses ( or
want a friend to get some new shoes
( for their birthday, the
budget is in your hands.

The Gift Card can then continue to effectively behave as an ordinary gift
card. Purchases made are then deducted from the Gift Card's available funds
which is dependent on how much has been loaded onto the card.

It will be possible to top up the card over the telephone, or online.
With each top up 1% of the value of your purchases will continue to go to the
charity the customer has selected.

Purchases for the New Look gift card can be made online with the help of
the dropdown box, with gift wallets also available to buy.

Available in both pink and blue, the New Look Gift Card will be available
in New Look stores and online at from February 8th, 2011.

About New Look

New Look are award winning fashion retailers, and offer a wide choice of
clothing to suit all tastes. From jackets to handbags, maternity clothes
( to jumpsuits, mens shoes
to kidswear, New Look offers glamorous clothing at affordable prices.

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