The Astellas European Foundation Winner of Urology 2010 Prize Fund Announced

By Astellas European Foundation, PRNE
Saturday, April 17, 2010

BARCELONA, Spain, April 19, 2010 - The Astellas European Foundation is delighted to announce the winner of
the 2010 Urology Prize Fund:

Professor Jenny Southgate and Dr Simon Baker from the University of York,

Professor Southgate and Dr Baker received the prize fund of US$ 300,000
to support work on their project entitled 'The Urotheliome' at the Astellas
European Foundation Award Event, last night.

Dr John Bolodeoku, Astellas European Foundation Officer and Vice
President of Medical Affairs and Health Economics for Astellas Pharma Europe
Ltd. commented, "We received 54 entries from 13 European countries. As
always, the standard of these entries was extremely high covering a broad
range of topics in urology. It was very difficult to choose one winner but
Professor Southgate's research will provide vital information to advance our
understanding of the signalling and functioning of the human urothelium and
its contribution to disorders such as overactive bladder." He continued "the
Foundation would especially like to acknowledge all those who submitted
excellent proposals."

The Astellas European Foundation is a registered charity set up in 2005
with the long-term goal of providing support for programmes and activities
that contribute to the advancement of an increasingly healthy society. The
Astellas European Foundation Urology Award supports basic medical and related
scientific programmes which contribute to advancements in urology. The winner
of the prize fund was chosen by a Judging Faculty, including independent
European opinion leaders.

At the Awards Presentation Event in Barcelona, the winner of last year's
Award, Dr Wouter Everaerts and team from KU Leuven, Belgium, talked about how
their project is progressing and how the prize fund has helped advance their

Dr Wouter Everaerts said "The funding from the Astellas European
Foundation has allowed our team to begin essential work in exploring the
involvement of TRP channels in OAB and we hope to ultimately identify new
targets for OAB, benefiting those patients not currently helped by available
therapies. We remain most grateful to the Foundation for their support of our

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About The Astellas European Foundation

The Astellas European Foundation is a registered charity, formed in 2005,
with the long-term goal of providing support for programmes and activities
that contribute to the advancement of an increasingly healthy society. In
line with this aim, the Foundation made substantial donations to the global
charities. The Astellas European Foundation also supports Astellas employees
in their private fundraising efforts for charitable causes. The Foundation is
supported through funding from Astellas Pharma Europe Limited.

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