The AVIC-CAE, NLR and DNW Sign MoA on Research Cooperation During Paris Air Show

By National Aerospace Laboratory nlr, PRNE
Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AMSTERDAM, June 22, 2011 -


On the 21st of June at 11.00 the Chinese Aeronautical
Establishment (CAE) will sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) for
long term cooperation in Research & Development with the
National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) from the Netherlands and the
German Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW).


Under these MoAs the organizations will work together on
existing and future R&D projects, in order to support
subsidiaries of AVIC and CAE with R&D, strengthen the relation
between European and Chinese research projects or work together on
new developments. CAE is part of the China Aviation Industry
Corporation (AVIC).

Topics of cooperation are a perfect fit with the knowledge base of
NLR and DNW and include: aerodynamic research, design and testing,
manufacturing with advanced materials like composites,
certification, avionics and air traffic management.

The MoAs were signed by Prof.Dr. Zhang Xinguo (President of CAE),
Michel Peters (CEO of NLR) and Georg Eitelberg (Director of

Zhang Xinguo, President of CAE, also EVP of AVIC: “The Chinese
civil aviation sector has experienced and will still keep two
digits development rate, presenting great market opportunities. On
the other hand the world attention on green aviation raised now
challenges for research and innovation. This MoA, as part of the
follow up of the visit AVIC/CAE delegation headed by Prof. Dr. Lin
, the President of AVIC to the European research
organizations in March, will make substantial progress for future
Europe-China aeronautical cooperation.”

Michel Peters, CEO of NLR: “The aeronautical research community
is a global community. Our partners from China are playing a more
and more important role in the globalized aerospace industry. The
research and developments for the future are not restricted within
the boundaries of a state or a continent. NLR is very pleased to
sign this MoA because this cooperation provides NLR and the Dutch
aviation industry an excellent opportunity to join the developments
in China.”

CAE, founded in 1960, is a national aeronautical research
organization in China under AVIC, with over 10.000 researchers and
a global network with organizations for basic and applied research,
such as universities and organizations like NLR and DNW. Composed
of 36 research institutes and centres, CAE is responsible from
basic research up to product development; innovation, integration
and demonstration; construction and operation of national research
facilities; aeronautical research foundation and graduate

NLR, the organization for applied Aerospace Research &
Development in the Netherlands, is a not-for-profit impartial
research enterprise, founded in 1919. NLR has a long track record
and experience in aeronautical research & development and
supports primarily the Dutch aerospace industry and government with
innovative solutions in all aspects from aircraft design,
manufacturing, usage and air traffic management. NLR supports most
aircraft manufacturers around the world and has the ambition to
further expand their global partnerships.

More information: National Aerospace Laboratory - NLR I.M.J. (Ingrid) Leeuwangh, Internal and external communications, Phone +31-88-511-3663, Mobile +31-613289669, E-mail Ingrid.Leeuwangh at

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