The Dortmund Insurance Brokers LEUE & NILL is Extending the International Contacts

By Leue Nill, PRNE
Wednesday, October 12, 2011

DORTMUND, Germany, October 13, 2011 -

The Worldwide Broker Network Assurex Global chooses Stefan Nill as the Chairman

The insurance brokers LEUE & NILL with its main quarters in Dortmund is extending its international contacts. Stefan Nill, managing partner of LEUE & NILL was chosen, at the Berlin conference this year, as the new Chairman of Assurex Global Partners, the largest worldwide network of independent insurance brokers.

Currently more than 100 partners with around 18,000 co-workers and over 500 branches in all continents belong to Assurex Global. The network manages a yearly premium volume of around 30 billion US dollars. LEUE & NILL is the only German representative of this network.

Stefan Nill: The first European Chairman of Assurex Global

Stefan Nill is the first European Chairman of Assurex Global since the foundation of the worldwide network in 1999. As an originally pure American insurance broker network, it has already existed in the US since the 1954. Stefan Nill is pleased that, “My election as a chairman of Assurex Global is also an appreciation of the long term engagement of LEUE & NILL in this network. In this position, as an independent insurance broker network, we can represent better the interest of our acting international customers from trade and industry.”

High qualified assistance in the whole world

The customers of LEUE & NILL gain to a great extent from the membership of the Dortmund tradition in the worldwide broker network. “Our customers are often successful middle-sized companies. They export, establish branch offices abroad or produce in various locations in the world. Through the network we can ensure a high qualified assistance of our customers who are increasingly active internationally. They receive an access to exclusive insurance products and specialists on the worldwide markets. At the same time we remain the only responsible point of reference”, Stefan Nill explains the advantages.

Compliance gains in importance for companies

Secure international insurance programmes are becoming a continuously important factor in competition for the global acting companies. The manager of LEUE & NILL explains, “Companies with production branches abroad must strictly follow local regulations in the insurance of their international branch offices. They pool their international insurance programme towards one goal. In this way, Compliance is the regulatory conformity with all the supervisory rules, tax regulations and insurance laws, a decisive role for the companies”.

Securing the independence of brokers

As the new Chairman of Assurex Global, the securing of the independence of broker partners is for Stefan Nill an important task: “This independence distinguishes us in the competition and is significantly important for our customers, the insurers and our members. As independent brokers, we are clearly service orientated and we can represent the medium-sized companies better.”

Stefan Nill wants to give a better understanding of the, to date, American-dominated company to the new insurers. In addition, he wants to build to a great extent the IT possibilities of the Internet-based Assurex Global Platform “Passport” for the customers, the insurers and the partners. “With our worldwide service via an IT platform for all our customers, we stand out already to this date in the competition. However, we want to create even more transparency, make the communication faster and be fair according to Compliance.”  

Assurex Global: worldwide network of independent brokers

Assurex Global is the only network of independent insurance brokers worldwide which is in a position of a public limited company. All partners are shareholders of Assurex Global. With regards to members, usually they are medium-sized companies managed by owners, who have a leading position in their home countries. The worldwide network assists large and medium-sized companies and offers all insurances from fire and third party insurance to operational pension schemes.

LEUE & NILL: the biggest family-run insurance broker

With 350 eligible co-workers at the Dortmund branch, LEUE & NILL is the biggest family-run insurance broker in Germany. Technical Insurance Risk Management for industrial and trade customers, as well as the important consumer business build up the key points of the company’s tasks. LEUE & NILL works with over 200 insurers and partner companies from the sector.

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