The F10 Group Have Launched Their New Social Media Technology Website, Ask The Experts

By The F10 Group, PRNE
Thursday, October 14, 2010

MILTON KEYNES, England, October 15, 2010 - The recent launch of Ask The Experts ( ,
has seen the next phase in the Social Media revolution arrive.

This is a specialist multi functional website designed for the Technology

Ask The Experts combines the functionality of a social media platform
like 'Facebook', with specific industry news streams selected by its members.

It also has its own team of journalists, who are investigating new
technology and the latest inventions that will change the way that we live.

Mark Stephens, the founder and Project Director of Ask The Experts, told
us "traditional social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn provide just
the platform and functionality for people to connect and communicate. The
discussions and groups can often be poorly policed and abused by social
networkers who often fail to adopt any etiquette and refuse to comply with
the social rules of engagement. This discourages the real experts from
contributing to the discussions that ensue".

Ask The Experts combines the full social media functionality with better
policing and also the ability to select relevant news feeds and articles
about new technology, that are summarised by the journalist teams, so that
busy professionals can either just read the headlines or quickly select the
stories that are of most interest to them.

The site also provides links through to the sources of information,
papers and relevant video links, so that additional or more detailed
information on a subject can be easily accessed from within the site.

Stephens said "This is a specialist site built for the technology and
Marketing sectors, that will be effectively policed and will provide a better
user experience for its members. Discussions and debates will be with
industry experts and professionals and social networkers who try to hijack
the site will be blocked from doing so or removed".

Ask The Experts and F10 have already been recognised by a group of
industry professionals that have shortlisted it for the best Social Media
category at the UK MARA awards.

Stephens added "At the moment, it's free to subscribe and there is a
quick and simple registration process that allows its members to select the
industry sectors that are most relevant to them. A monthly update is sent out
to every member tailored to provide a summary of news, articles and events
that are relevant to the sectors that the member has chosen. Once you have
registered you will gain access to all areas within the site and can join or
form other specialist groups of your own".

We asked some respected individuals to give us their opinion on the site
so far:

Daniel Priestley, highly accredited, Social Media entrepreneur and owner
of Triumphant Events ( , the UK's leading
Events promotions company, told us "I met Mark Stephens from Ask The Experts
(( at a business owners event recently,
where I was presenting and have since met up again to discuss ideas for
further progressing the project. Their team, have developed a fantastic
landscape already and have some very interesting plans to integrate some very
cool multi media functions into the site. This is definitely one to watch".

We also spoke to Kevin Dixie, Founder of one of the internet's largest
blogging networks, Fuel My Blog ( , to get his
opinion on the site. He told us "I see Ask The Experts ( filling a very important gap in the social
media space. It is natural for people to share within a social environment
and bringing together best of breed services for their members to share take
the concept on to the next stage".

We also caught up with Simon Lewis, Director at Only Marketing Jobs
( , the UK's leading Marketing job board. He
commented, "We became aware of Ask The Experts ( a few months ago, through our National
innovation awards program where the site has been shortlisted for a prize in
the best Social Media category and will appear at the finals next month. We
think that the site is very fresh and offers something very unique and we are
confident that it is destined to be a huge success".

Mark Stephens, confirmed that this is the first technology focussed
social media site of its kind anywhere and stated "This really is just the
beginning of a fantastic journey to build a number of social media platforms
that focus on specific sectors, but share a range of internet based multi
media services. We have so many ideas that blend naturally into this project.
The essence of social media, is that people form groups and communities where
they feel safe alongside like minded people, where they can share and
communicate around the issues that are most important to them. We will
provide an environment where this can flourish and then enrich it with lots
of extra cool functionality".

About us

The F10 Group who made their name as Technology and Marketing Recruitment
specialists have ventured into the Social Media space with their new site Ask
the Experts. F10 Recruitment has now been confirmed as Number one supplier of
staff into numerous organisations including Global operators and has become
highly recognised for their delivery and professional conduct. With a full
portfolio of services on offer from contingency to head-hunting, the high
calibre specialist teams that forms the business, can align themselves to a
clients own specific requirements and structure in order to provide an
outstanding service to surpass others.

The industries sectors they work with: Defence, Aerospace, Space
(inc.Satellite), Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics,
Information Technology, Sales & Marketing, FMCG, Health & Beauty, Science &
Medical, Business Services and Telecoms. They specialise primarily in
recruiting for both technology and Sales & Marketing positions.

Ask The Experts is a multi functional hub that combines advanced social
networking, with news, articles about the latest technology and genuine
interaction with leading industry experts

    Mark Stephens - Director of The F10 Group

Mark Stephens - Director of The F10 Group, enquiries at, 0845-838-1101

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