The Groundwork has Been Laid - RamaCity Launches its Open Beta

By Bigpoint Gmbh, PRNE
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

HAMBURG, June 23, 2011 -

  • RamaCity lets players build their own urban
  • Bigpoints latest casual game appeals
    a wide audience

With the RamaCity Open Beta set to launch today, Bigpoint’s
building up its portfolio of fun and exciting games ( href="">
Starting immediately players will be able to build their own online
city and tend to the needs of their adorable, fun-loving citizens
in the browser game RamaCity ( href="">

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Bigpoint’s RamaCity promises to attract the attention of a wide
array of target groups: Due to its intuitive controls and
easy-to-navigate game start, typical of casual games, players will
immediately feel right at home in RamaCity. Various game options,
such as the ability to expand their city and customize it to their
needs, invites fans and players of classic city-building simulation
games to switch over to RamaCity. Visually stunning graphic design
captures the essence of real city life.

“We have great expectations for RamaCity and even believe that
our latest title will trump the success of our other casual games
such as Farmerama or Zoomumba!” explains Tobias Reisberger, Chief
Games Officer at Bigpoint. “RamaCity is very unique because it
takes the fantastic features of city-building game and wraps them
up in one casual game, and thereby allows us to delight an even
larger community for RamaCity!”

In RamaCity, it’s up to players to build a city that is just as
beautiful as it is efficient. They have to properly arrange
residential homes, industrial zones, recreational facilities and
commercial units, so that their Urbies don’t have to live next to
stinky factories. Players will constantly have to reposition their
buildings in their rapidly expanding cities. Taking on the role of
mayor, players must watch out for their citizens’ well-being:
Urbies are enthusiastic consumers who like to spend money on items
players produce in the game, such as shoes, rubbier duckies or
soccer balls!

In RamaCity players don’t only have to interact with their
citizens, but they also have the chance to communicate with other
city mayors via social-game features such as a buddy list. The
social interaction provides healthy competition and will help
motivate players to beautify their city as much as they can! That’s
why they can switch up the colors of their buildings and literally
paint the town!

No matter how players envision their dream city, they’re bound
to have a fantastic time in the free-to-play browser game which is
available now at the official website: href=""> The
game’s Facebook page ( href="">
offers players another option to shoot the breeze with other
RamaCity players and find out the information they need.

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