Dot TK Announces Free Domain Name Registrations Through Hosting Providers, ISPs and Others

By Dot Tk, PRNE
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

BRUSSELS, June 23, 2010 - At the annual European meeting of the Internet Corporation for Assigned
Names and Numbers (ICANN), the registry of .TK internet domain names, Dot TK,
announced today the availability of free domain name registrations through
hosting providers, internet service providers and others.

Dot TK's new service, DomainShare, is available for everyone to provide
free domain name registrations to others. Dot TK expects that this service
will be mostly used by hosting providers and internet service providers that,
until now, had to pay for domain names with registries or registrars.

The revenue for these companies are 99% related to server uptime,
internet bandwidth and computer storage. "The time that hosting providers
made money on domain names is over," says Joost Zuurbier, managing director
of Dot TK. "The profit margins of domain names are so low that hosting
providers currently see domain sales as a lead generation tool. We will help
these companies increase the number of hosting customers by providing .TK
domains for free."

Dot TK is the only top level domain registry that offers free domain name
registrations. Since 2001 Dot TK has offered free domains on its website -
but from today, also through other companies such as hosting providers and
ISP's. "This is an incredible change for the hosting community," Zuurbier
continues. "Today we have launched a service that makes adding a new domain
name as easy as adding a new email address. We are expecting an enormous
increase in the number of new domain name registrations. Our systems are
ready for it!"

While the internet community at the ICANN meeting in Brussels is
discussing the legal aspects of the new top level domain application program
allowing businesses and communities to start using their own TLD extension,
Dot TK believes that domain names are becoming more and more of a commodity
and that it is time to provide free domain name registrations for everyone.

Dot TK is not only providing free domain name registrations but also when
a domain is not used or expired, an advertising page is shown. Each view or
click on these ad pages will automatically result in revenue for the
DomainShare partner and for Dot TK.

Dot TK DomainShare will work with most standard hosting panels and
provisioning platforms in the market. On top of that an open API and
different registration modules in various languages are available for custom
integration. More information can be found at

To prevent domain hijacking, abuse and misuse, domain names registered
under the DomainShare program are not legally owned by the registrant, but
are licensed under the Dot TK Free Domain User Agreement. This basically
means that the registrant of the domain can use the domain as long as he
wants, unless the domain name is abused. Domain names that are registered
under the DomainShare program cannot be sold or transferred.

Dot TK is a joint venture of the Government of Tokelau, its communication
company Teletok and BV Dot TK, a privately held company. Dot TK has offices
in the Netherlands, London and Isle of Man. More information about Dot TK can
be found at

ICANN is a not-for-profit public-benefit corporation which mission is to
coordinate, at the overall level, the global Internet's systems of unique
identifiers, and in particular to ensure the stable and secure operation of
the Internet's unique identifier systems such as DNS.

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