The HTC Desire is the Superphone you Have Been Waiting for

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WATFORD, England, March 18, 2010 - The HTC Desire (, previously
known as the Bravo, is the HTC branded version of the Google Nexus One.
Boasting many quality features, you will love every aspect of this mobile
phone. The handset runs on a combination of both Google Android and HTC Sense
which lets users customise multiple home screens with web feeds and other
content which is most relevant to them, and users receive a continuous stream
of comments, photos and status updates on popular social networking sites
such as Facebook and Twitter. When you go to contact one of your friends, all
the possible methods of communication are listed; from email to text to
Facebook and calling. There are endless amounts of downloadable apps
available from the Android Market and Google services can also be accessed
such as Google Maps, Google Search and Gmail.

With a 3.7 inch AMOLED touchscreen display with multi-touch, the web
browsing and multi-media services are an enjoyable experience for the user.
The quality on screen is almost lifelike, and thanks to the AMOLED
technology, vibrant colours can be experienced as well as conserving battery
power and allows the phone to come in at just 11.9mm thick. The touchscreen
phone ( is very
responsive; capacitive technology is used which means the display will only
respond to your finger, so there is no risk of hitting any other keys by
mistake. The multi-touch feature is employed with web browsing, photos and
maps making the overall experience a lot more effortless. An accelerometer
has also been added to rotate the angle of the screen and there is also a
proximity sensor which automatically sets the screen to stand by when you are
on a call.

The 5.0 megapixel camera which is in store comes with autofocus and an
LED flash which all combine to create top quality photos. Users can keep the
photos stored on the Desire to look back at on the 3.7inch display, email
them to friends or upload online to share over blogs or photo sharing sites
such as FlikR.

Apps and programs can be launched instantly and multiple applications can
be running at once without affecting the speed thanks to the built in 1GHz
processor. HSDPA, which is also referred to as Mobile Broadband, is also
employed on the Desire which offers high speeds to users.

The HTC Desire has built in GPS
( is great for finding your
current position, planning your next journey and can be used as a general Sat
Nav Device. This feature is optimised for use with Google Maps, meaning you
will never lose your way again when the Desire is by your side.

Email client is a very useful feature for those of you who like to keep
on top of emails, both business and personal. This feature allows you to
receive your emails directly onto the handset, and you can send pictures,
videos, texts or emails to any email account worldwide. This is a very cheap
and simple way to keep in contact with friends, family or colleagues.

Keep all of your music stored on the built in music player of the HTC
Desire ( You have the
freedom to listen to your tunes wherever you are, so if you fancy listening
to one of your tracks while you are on the bus then you can do so. The Desire
also has an external memory card slot which supports 32GB microSD cards,
making it possible to store thousands of tracks at one time. is a pure play contract phone and pay as you go
mobile provider. Top handset manufacturers currently sold include the latest
Nokia mobile phone and Sony Ericsson mobile phone to inc0lude the HTC desire.
Each contract is available with an additional gift to include Free Laptops,
Free Nintendo Wii and Free PS3's

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