Sculpture of Girl Killed in Car Crash Stolen From School

By Protel, PRNE
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LONDON, March 18, 2010 - We wanted to make an e-mail statement regarding the theft of the
sculpture of our daughter Camilla in the early hours of Thursday 11th March.

Both my wife and I are absolutely devastated and numb with shock with
regard to what has happened. The sculpture was paid for by donations to
Camilla's memorial fund following her tragic death in a car accident on June
2003. Camilla was a very popular and very happy pupil at Felsted School.
Although none of you knew her personally, if you had, you would have been
touched by her kindness, her generosity, her zest for life and her ability to
see the good in every person she came into contact with. She was a very
successful young sportswoman representing both school and county at hockey
and would have been a very successful individual in whatever she did until
her life was cut so tragically short.

The sculpture was commissioned as a sign to recognise her beautiful and
positive outlook of her too short life. The sculpture was a positive
statement celebrating her life and was a very popular commission supported by
the school and all of her friends. For us as parents, we felt that her legacy
would live on in an environment where she was so happy.

With regard to the theft, words fail us to describe our thoughts of the
people who committed this crime. However, we want to focus our efforts on
trying to get the sculpture back and would suggest this may be possible if
all parties pull together in the same direction. The sculpture is the
responsibility of the school so my wife and I do not intend to be interviewed
or want to make any statement. This is the responsibility of the school and I
have spoken to the Headmaster, Dr Mike Walker, who is fully supportive of our
actions. In fact, he has already been interviewed by the BBC and this has
appeared on television as well as their website

We have sent details of the theft to the British Metals Recycling
Association, the body that monitors the industry and they have promised to
send out details to their members. Apparently, metal theft is a serious crime
now but the perpetrators have no conscience as to what they steal and the
money they make in selling on such a precious item as "scrap" is minimal.

We believe that the media will be interested in this as the original
events surrounding the accident was high profile in both the local and
national media. I feel that the media should contact the school for comment
and any views on the circumstances of the theft. We are hoping that this be
reported in as many newspapers as possible, in the hope that this precious
sculpture can be returned to the people who love it most. It is almost a week
now since the theft, so your urgent assistance is greatly appreciated.

I am willing to accept phone calls to talk but neither my wife or I want
to be interviewed in front of cameras or microphones.

In anticipation, thank you for your help, in trying to recover this
beautiful piece that represents such a beautiful, wonderful and kind

A picture accompanying this release is available through the PA
Photowire. It can be downloaded from or
viewed at or

    Kind regards

    David Hamilton

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