The Most Game Changing HR Event in Europe - Ever!

By Hrn Europe, PRNE
Monday, June 20, 2011

BUDAPEST, Hungary, June 21, 2011 -


HRN Europe Announces Game Changing Business

Marc Coleman, Director at HRN Europe - The Pan European HR
Network has announced “the most Game Changing HR event ever
produced in Europe
.  We believe the evolution in
work technology in parallel with new ways of working provides
organizations with real game changing abilities, especially here in
Europe, as business leaders continue to become increasingly
frustrated with a slow recovery! Many Human Resources departments
across Europe are grappling with HR Technology, combined with the
critical issue of talent management there is real excitement in the
marketplace at the moment for software and solutions that help
transforming organizations become more agile and successful.

If we look to the past - the old HR systems often described to
us as; lacking innovation, avoiding change and transformation,
designed for HR and often by HR, long upgrade cycles and a lack of
commonality and communication.  Today we are witnessing an
evolution of simpler, more affordable, better, faster, on demand
systems and the prospect of much more; not just the excitement
around SaaS, Software as a Service, but applying the concept to the
“employability doctrine”, or evolving concepts like TaaS - Talent
as a Service!

If we look at the new HR systems - loaded with innovation,
embracing change and transformation, designed for the employees -
“for the people by the people”, short update cycles, and lots of
commonality and communication.  We are witnessing a real
revolution in connectivity - enabling mobility, the networked
worker, and the networked enterprise or hybrid organization.
There’s even some method to the madness - innovation inside the
company’s firewall is not just about fighting for survival, rather,
ideas are jostling for the limelight at the click of a button
labeled like, recommended, favorites, most viewed, most commented.
Driven by intellect, know-how, and add-on’s - innovation and ideas
are going viral and reaching critical mass inside the company as a
result of enabling technologies and communications.

Im quoting myself again because the
first quote didn
t do it justice and if
re still reading this news release, then
you know what I
m talking about when I say
Game Changing HR. Change your
game, by joining us in
Amsterdam from the 2-3 November at
the NH Grand on Dam Square
for HR Tech Europe
- Europes most important
on how software, systems and collaborative tools are
bringing about surmountable change in the way organizations

The science behind this event lies in its simplicity - neutral
platform, no politics, and no nonsense. We’ve heard what
technologies are working, what’s not working, and the real
excitement around the latest and greatest from those
revolutionizing the HCM technology market with software &
solutions that are significantly adding value to the business.

Every single person on this program has a valuable story to
tell, different to all others events in the market - the essential,
value added, pragmatic and the most important information that
allows people to go back to the office and take intelligent

If you want to make a difference, you have to be different!

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