The New BlackBerry Torch 9800 Enters the Smartphone Market

Monday, December 6, 2010

LONDON, December 7, 2010 - The BlackBerry Torch (
) is the latest release from BlackBerry looking to penetrate the fiercely
competitive touchscreen Smartphone (
) market; a segment of the mobile phone market which has grown exponentially
in the last twelve months, so much so that it is now recognised as a market
of its own.

This is not the first time that BlackBerry ( have attempted to
enter this market however, two previous models in the form of the Storm and
Storm 2 looked to try and grab a piece of the market albeit quite
unsuccessfully, largely due to their unique and quite unusual piezo
'clickable' touchscreens which received very mixed reviews.

The Torch ( on the
other hand, really distances itself from the Storm; it is BlackBerry's first
slider incorporating both a touchscreen and a physical QWERTY keyboard,
essentially 'the best of both worlds'. It is a concept that puts the Torch in
quite a large bit of 'middle ground' sitting between the iPhones/HTC Desire
HDs ( of this world and
BlackBerry's own Curve/Bold series. It creates an interesting debate as to
whether the need for such a device exists, but if early sales figures and
reviews are any reflection on the future, then it certainly looks as though
the Torch will be lighting the way.

The reason for the encouraging reviews is quite clear when you look in a
bit more detail at the specifications of this device; a 3.2 inch capacitive
touchscreen capable of displaying 16 million colours at a resolution of 360 x
480 pixels, a full BlackBerry QWERTY keyboard, 4GB of internal storage,
microSD support, microUSB port, HSDPA (, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a 5
megapixel camera and of course, the latest iteration of BlackBerry software -
OS 6.0 which has been heavily optimised for touchscreen use.

Of course, as with any BlackBerry, the real attraction of the Torch
( is the exceptional push
email services and BlackBerry Messenger; features which will essentially let
you instantly message any other BlackBerry user, anywhere in the world. There
is also access to third party applications thanks to BlackBerry Appworld,
BlackBerry's answer to the App Store in which you'll find a huge selection of
games and applications ranging from horoscopes to Sudoku and everything in

Aside from all of the features and specifications mentioned above, the
Torch is quite possibly the best looking addition to the BlackBerry family
with its compact looking design and sleek curves it really is a good looking
phone from any angle and is a welcome break from the usual Smartphone form
factor adopted by the likes of HTC (, Apple, Samsung
( et al.

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