The Royal Mint Commemorates the Mary Rose on UK GBP2 Coin

By The Royal Mint, PRNE
Wednesday, March 9, 2011

LONDON, March 10, 2011 - The Royal Mint is commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Mary Rose's
launch in Portsmouth in 1511 by issuing a GBP2 coin depicting the famous
English warship, part of King Henry VIII's Tudor battle fleet. This limited
edition GBP2 coin will enter circulation this year, finding its way into the
nation's change up and down the country.

Not only is the GBP2 Mary Rose coin
( entering circulation
but special commemorative versions have also been struck in the precious
metals Gold and Silver. Created in strictly limited numbers, these coins are
finished to a higher quality than the circulating coin, showing the design in
perfect clarity.

The coin was shown at the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, home of the
salvaged wreck, alongside Tudor coins raised from the sunken ship. It is
released in the same year the Mary Rose Trust starts to lay the foundations
on a new museum to once again bring together the ship's remains with the
19,000 Tudor artefacts recovered with her in 1982 in order to properly
illustrate the history of the Mary Rose
( The Tudor Navy's
flagship was launched during King Henry VIII's reign but sank when she listed
too steeply and the gunports flooded during the Battle of the Solent in July

The coin depicts the ship in a design created by artist John Bergdahl,
showing the grand Tudor warship in profile, in a similar scene to the only
contemporary image that exists of the ship. The numerous flags and banners
are recreated, flowing from tall masts with her armament of guns visible.

John Bergdahl explained the inspiration behind his design: "After a trip
to the museum currently home to the Mary Rose, I was immediately inspired by
the only acknowledged painting of this iconic vessel - an image that I used
as the basis for my design."

Commenting on the design Dr. Kevin Clancy, head of Historical Services at
the Royal Mint, said: "The Royal Mint is very pleased to commemorate the
500th anniversary of the Mary Rose's maiden voyage in 1511 on a special
commemorative GBP2 coin. We were especially impressed with the way the
designer captured the stature and presence of this great Tudor ship on the

Rear Admiral John Lippiett, chief executive of the Mary Rose Trust, said;
"This elegant new coin is a fitting tribute to the world's only surviving
Tudor Warship and the finest collection of Tudor artefacts recovered with
her. If everyone who found one of these Mary Rose GBP2 coins in their pocket
were to donate the same amount to us at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard where
she was built, then we would complete our outstanding appeal of GBP3m for
the new GBP35 million Mary Rose Museum. Without this money, the future of
this national icon is not yet secured."

Notes to Editors:

Images of the Mary Rose GBP2 coins are available upon request.

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